Ah! What joy! I have but to ask…

…and the invaluable Mike Flynn replies with one of his trademark essays, this time on the burning question of whether belief in heaven encourages criminal behavior.

"I absolutely grant you that."

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  • Ted Seeber

    I agree with the conclusion of the combox denziens in the other thread. The study in question is not whether belief in heaven causes criminal behavior, because the control dataset of atheists was left out.

    The study in question with it’s badly worded belief in heaven/belief in hell questions was about *certainty of salvation*, and lo and behold, those most certain of their Once Saved Always Saved faith that they were going to heaven, felt that they were more immune to the temporal effects of crime in this life.

    Which counts as one of those sociology experiments where the conclusion is OBVIOUS.

  • http://www.likelierthings.com Jon W

    Absolute best line in the entire fantastic article:

    (In [the 1950’s], to get a good job required a high school education. That’s still true today, but you have to go to college to get one.)

  • Ted Seeber

    I decided to write a better survey. Because I’m genuinely interested in a slightly wider data set. I’m also interested in seeing if Mark Shea + Leah Libresco + all the places I read on slashdot will give me anything close to the number of responses I would need to become statistically significant (which I figure is about 7 million).

    • Ted Seeber

      5 responses in the 2 hours this has been up, and the most interesting one came from a RadTrad Catholic Atheist (in that he refuses to call himself a Christian choosing to write Roman Catholic for his major religious grouping and Traditional Orthodox Catholic for his minor, but on the afterlife question responded with “This life is the only life and anything else is mere superstition”).