Prayer Request

A reader writes:

If appropriate, can you add this to a future prayer-list post? This is an email from a family friend –

“I wanted to share some news with all of you and ask for your prayers. [Their two-year-old-boy] had an emergency yesterday where he had a terrible cough and breathing difficulties to the point where he was hospitalized in the ICU at Children’s. After several treatments and increased oxygen he was not showing a lot of improvement and had to be sedated, put on a breathing tube and given an IV. He is being closely monitored now and will have to be in the ICU for a few days at least, maybe longer, until he can breathe better on his own and his airways open up. The cause is still unknown–could be a sudden severe asthma attack, could be viral or pneumonia.”

If necessary, maybe we can get a miracle for the canonization of Bl. Franz Jagerstatter…

Father, hear our prayer for this child’s swift and complete healing and for peace and strength for all who love him and skill and compassion for all who care for him. Mother Mary and Bl. Franz, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Gabriel.D

    1. I am Gabriel.S my prayer request is IT Company Job with Good Salary Jesus gives to me with in December 2012.
    2. I request for Own House and Own Vichle Jesus gives to me in this year ending within December, 2012.

    3.I have write a B.Ed. Exam, Jesus gives Good Successful result.

    4. My body Sickness and Need Good Health.

    5. I have been working Present company my weekly off Saturday and Sunday need.

    6. My Son Haniel and Daughter Christina, They are studying in the school, Jesus gives Good memory power and Well Study in my Son and Daughter.

    7. My wife Angelin Pamila, she needs good Health.