Professional Philosophers Have Never Been Able to Disprove This

  • Hermann

    What can I say … KILTS ROCK!!


  • Chris M

    That reminds me, I need to have my Cameron tartan dry cleaned soon. Thanks!

  • Geoff



  • ivan_the_mad

    The Internet was unknowingly created solely to produce this image.

  • astorian

    Forgive the hijack, but…

    I absolutely loved the movie “Braveheart,” but even I know it was loaded with silly inaccuracies.

    I mean, look at the statue of William Wallace, and what do you see? A guy in a kilt with a blue face? No! You see a soldier in chain mail and PANTS! Wallace was a LOWlander, not a Highlander, and wouldn’t have worn a kilt in civilian life, let alone on a battlefield!

  • Mark R

    Weren’t Campbells bad eggs. BTW, I think Yanks wear kilts more than anyone.

    • Hermann

      Well, I´m no yank, I´m a german, but


      Kilts rock!
      And I even have a kilt in the Campbell of Cawror tartan!


      • Martial Artist


        First, I believe you have a typo, shouldn’t that be Campbell of Cawdor? Mine is in the muted (so-called “ancient” colors) of Macdonell of Glengarry, by permission of the chieftain (I am also predominantly German), which happens to be the clan to which my wife is affiliated through her late father.

        Pax et bonum and sláinte mhath,
        Keith Töpfer

  • Sandra Miesel

    You guys do realize that the kilt was devised by an English Quaker in the 18th C who felt sorry for his Scots workers trying to fell trees while clumsily wrapped in a length of cloth. The carefully distinct tartan patterns we have were organized by London merchants in Victorian times.
    That said, the kilt kit is a wonderfully romantic costume and Bruce looks even better than usual wearing one.

    • Mark Shea

      Your argument is invalid.

    • Martial Artist


      My sword is a modern replica claidhmor (two-handed long sword), length o/a 56″, blade length 36″.

      Keith Töpfer

  • SecretAgentMan

    I’ve never been more proud to be clueless.

  • Martial_Artist

    I have been there and that is Edinburgh Castle, NOT Edinbrugh Castle.

    Pax et bonum,

    Keith Töpfer


    Yes, my ancestry is German, but my wife’s is 1/2 Scottish, and the Tartan of my kilt is that of Macdonell of Glengarry, the clan to which she is affiliated on her father’s side.