The Post-Conscience GOP

There’s something poetic and fitting about a party that has advertised itself as the Party that is the Home of Godly Righteousness as opposed to those Godless Liberals Over There making this guy their banner carrier:

…and then telling us we *have* to vote for him–for the sake of “conscience”.

That’s rich. Not as rich as Romney, of course. But still rich.

  • Keith Strohm

    Ha…at last you reveal your true colors. With this post, Mr. Shea, it is clear you hate babies, Fr. Pavone, America, Church Teaching, Freedom, starving children all across the world, and David Tennant’s Doctor. You should be ashamed of yourself…you and your “Logic!”

    Vote Romney…..or the cylons win!!!

  • Loud

    Look, it twists my stomach, too. But it has become obvious that the best thing for this country is to get rid of the people who hate our country. I think that our best chance *shudder* is Romeny, so I feel compelled to support him. He’s no hero, he’s no genius. He’s like me: the fat kid people choose in kickball because the only other kid left is the one that deliberatly sabatoges the game.

    • Kristen inDallas

      no… he’s like (maybe not now, but in the 80s) the fat boy that is the only boy left other than the boy that purposefully sabotages the game. Meanwhile there are a bunch of girls (third party candidates) some talented some not, that everybody seems to completely forget about.

      • john

        Nicely put. We all need to move away from the two parties who arefeeding from the same trough and filling the same pockets.

  • enness

    “Not as rich as Romney, of course. But still rich.” < LOL.

  • http://g Hezekiah Grxarrett


    I hate your nation. How do you propose getting rid of me?