Your prayers please for my friend Sherry Weddell, who lives just a little bit out of frame from this epic fire of biblical proportions in Colorado Springs:

For her and for all the folk of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, we pray, Father, that you would deliver them from fire through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for them!

  • http://www.wanderingheretic.com Caine

    My brother and sister in laws live near the fires. Please add them to your prayers.

  • Michael in ArchDen

    Thank you for the prayers for our state. For those unfamiliar, the stadium in the foreground of this picture is Falcon Stadium at the Air Force Academy.

  • Will

    My wife, daughter, and I just got back a week and a half ago from Colorado. We saw smoke from the fire near Ft. Collins when we were in Estes Park. We visited the Air Force Academy and Garden of the Gods. There were many dead trees in Rocky Mountain NP killed by beetles. They only need a spark in the dry weather.

  • Julie

    We were vacationing this past week in Colorado Springs. We got evacuated from our motel and had to drive home to Iowa, stopping in Council Bluffs to stay a couple of days. There were no motel rooms to be had. But we don’t feel sorry for ourselves, so many people have lost their homes and 2 people have died. The fire didn’t seem so bad at first (bad enough though) and just grew into huge proportions Tuesday. We could see flames.