• Hunk Hondo(C.H. Ross)

    What strip is this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Pretty funny.

    • ivan_the_mad
    • Ted Seeber

      It’s in my local liberal rag. It’s only funny if you like puns and arrogance. Which I find plenty funny.

      Main Characters are Pig, who is an utter idiot who understands words differently than most of the world, and Rat, who is smart, knows it, and would likely be a New Atheist because Rat’s only God is Rat. The cartoonist himself is a minor character in his own strip (well, except for a story line where he was taken hostage by Buddhist terrorists for drawing the Buddha), along with Goat, who’s actually pretty normal, Zebra, who lives next door to the Crocs, the Crocs, who are the ultimate redneck hillbilly idiots, and Little Guard Duck, who is a right wing gun nut. There’s also an evil cat and Pigita, Pig’s sometime on again/off again girlfriend.