Just so you know…

in addition to the trip to New Mexico and the speaking I’m doing there, I am also in the throes of finishing not one, but two books, as well as churning out all the other stuff I write in order to keep a roof over our heads.

Consequently, I’m slow to reply to emails. So if you’ve been waiting, I apologize. Please bear with me. I will try to answer as soon as I can.

I’ll write again next week from the Land of Wile E. Coyote!

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  • Sherry Weddell

    Excuses. Excuses. Another road trip. Another book. Another two books. That is all so last nanno second. What’s your excuse now?

  • Joe Mc. Faul

    Avoid Acme products

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    Given the look of the locale in most cartoons, I suspect Wile E. Coyote actually hails from Utah, not NM. Besides he’s just a cartoon character.

    But you’ll be right up the road from where Bruce Banner was hit by the gamma bomb and became the Hulk.
    So if you happen to sit next to a scrawny, harried-looking fellow at one of the local taqueria, and he warns you not to make him angry, I’d take him at his word.

  • Rachel

    While in New Mexico stop for a couple days at Christ in the Desert or at least pay it a visit. It will be good for your soul. Or maybe El Sanctuario de Chimayo. There is a restaurant in Santa Fe called Piccolino’s, which is an italian restaurant run by mexicans!

    • Jacob

      Chimayo is very close, definitely worth a visit. The collection of abandoned medical equipment (removed monthly!) is a beautiful sight. Also, eat some tacos at El Parasol in downtown Los Alamos if you’re into that kind of thing.

      • Albert

        i humbly submit that if you do go to el parasol, you order a burrito. carne adovada or carne guisada with red chile (and guacamole). the veggie burritos and tacos there are also good. oh, and the tamales. man, just go to el parasol.