Prayer Request

A reader writes:

My husband and I have a vasectomy reversal scheduled for early September. The doctor is a devout Catholic who provides this surgery at a greatly reduced price on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, as this is apparently never covered by insurance and certainly isn’t covered by ours. He himself will be paying the anesthesiologist and the hospital fees; he is charging us $3900. I am asking for your prayers that 1) we have the money to pay for this procedure as, of course, we had several large and pressing financial needs present themselves this month (this just seems to be how it goes with divine plans…all the more need for a miracle 🙂 ; 2) safety and healing for my husband, and skill for this doctor; and 3) effectiveness! We humbly pray that the Lord restore our fertility so that we may raise more children for Him. Unfortunately, we obtained the sterilization prior to our conversion (and reversion, in my husband’s case). We greatly regret this now…and even though it may not be effective to reverse at this point, we trust in the Lord’s mercy and at least want to show our willingness to correct our past mistakes.

Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. St. Joseph and Mother Mary, pray for them.

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  • V McCullagh

    Mary and Joseph are not mediators

    • Mark Shea

      Every person that prays is a mediator.

      • Maria Nielsen

        Amen, Mark. Thanks for sharing this with us. Will be praying for them! Thanks for all you do, as you have certainly assisted me (and in turn, my family) in conversion. Blessings, Maria

  • Marthe Lépine

    To V McCullagh: Please explain… I do not think you are correct, but I would like to know the basis on your argument in order to find out which one of us is actually correct.

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      There is no sense in which would it be correct to say “The Blessed Virgin Mary and her holy Spouse Saint Joseph are not mediators for us before the Throne of God.” It would be a categorically and universally false statement.

  • Jack

    Our (my and my wife’s experience) is different. We married later and had problems conceiving. The one conception we had ended in miscarriage. We extended our family through adoption. Hopefully, everything works out for these individual; however, they should keep their options (adoption. foster care) open.

  • Fanofstomoore

    I am brought to tears by your courage. I pray for God’s Holy Will for you! I wish we had had the same opportunity. I will visit St Anne de Beaupre in Quebec, Canada and bring your petitions for prayer.God bless you!