Speaking of Enemies of the State…

The ecumenism of the trenches may soon become the ecumenism of the confessors and even the martyrs depending on how ruthless Caesar decides to get when Christians refuse to knuckle under. I for one rejoice to see Evangelicals and Catholic bear common witness to Jesus in the face of the jealous god in the White House.

  • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

    I was proud to see my old Constitutional Law professor, John Garvey–now president of Catholic U.– write this piece with Wheaton president Philip Ryken:


  • Michael

    Here’s an interesting historical perspective, drawing on the era that gave us “KulturKampf”:


    Mark, have you come across Il Sussidiario yet? Could be a good news source for you.

  • kenneth

    With any luck at all, Caesar and the crusaders will prove a perfect match, neutralizing each other like equal masses of matter and antimatter.

    • Mark Shea

      Yeah. Because there’s perfect symmetry between a crushing Leviathan and the innocent people it chooses to crush.

      Sometimes you turn my stomach, kenneth.

  • http://g Hezekiah Grxarrett

    He’s on record already that because our beliefs differ so wildly, and people with our faith have done things which upset him, that we have no religious freedom which he should respect.

    Of course, he’s also on record being woefully ignorant of what rights, human and civil, even actually are.

    He may find our beliefs that offputting. Fortunately, I don’t extend him the same discourtesy for his stupidity.