End the Violence!

If you think this is bad…

…you should see what the Weeping Angels are capable of.

  • MarylandBill

    The weeping angels are seriously the scariest thing that Doctor Who has come up with since the show was rebooted. Speaking of Doctor Who, I wonder if its secular writers realize how much of a Christ figure the Doctor is?

  • Peggy Hagen

    Oh, they realize it. Do they ever realize it. Remember the Series 3 finale, with Resurrected! Levitating! Doc?

    • Peggy Hagen

      The show is fascinating for the way it can go from the brilliance of Blink, or Midnight or The Pandorica Opens, to utter and complete silliness such as that finale, and other instances of the writers setting up the Doctor as “wish-fulfillment secular humanist deity”.

    • http://www.virtue-quest.com/ Robert King

      Just watched “The Waters of Mars” last night, and found the whole “Time Lord Victorious” theme to be fascinating (though the actual conclusion was a bit horrifying). The Tenth Doctor, at least, struggles a great deal with both finding the limits of his power, and with the morality of using it.

      I don’t think he’s a Christ/messiah figure so much as he is a Superman-like metaphor for the moral questions about using the superpowerful technology/wealth/influence that was unknown and almost unimaginable only a couple decades ago. The apotheosis imagery says, I think, that he/we are claiming Godlike power, not necessarily that The Doctor is right in the way he uses that power. It’s true that many characters acclaim him as a savior, but the series also undermines his ability to actually save at almost every opportunity. (Cf. River Song’s statement that The Doctor is incapable of accepting death, in “The Forest of the Dead.”)

      Actually, what I love about the show is how it manages to ask interesting and almost deep questions while simultaneously providing a steady stream of mental cotton candy. The juxtaposition of the serious and the silly is a lovely balance.

  • http://sunwardsailingcranes.blogspot.com Maggie

    ^What she said. In addition, in the series six finale the Doctor has his semi-Biblical prophet clothes and beard. Definitely at least a Messianic figure, there. I guess the material was just begging for it, with the Regeneration thing and all that.

    I don’t consider this a particularly good thing in the hands of the writers, however, and I really get sick of all the little jabs at religion and traditional ethics, especially in the first four seasons. For all that, I do enjoy the show, at least the Matt Smith episodes.

    • MarylandBill

      Oh I agree about the jabs at religion. Moffat, despite any faults he might have, at least seems to recognize that it is inappropriate to mock Christianity. Of course, that could just be that he hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

      • Ted Seeber

        The Anglican Army, Headless Monks and the Silence were NOT mocking religion?
        The question that must not be asked isn’t mocking religion?
        The Weeping Angels themselves, turning good into evil in imitation of the Rebellion of Lucifer, isn’t mocking religion?

        I’m autistic, scoring 39 on the CARS scale. I’m Meyers-Briggs personality type INFP, which apparently (according to the book _Please Understand Me II_) means I have a fascination with the Holy and the Profane.

        I watch Dr. Who *because it is profane*.

    • Rachel K

      I didn’t see much anti-religious in the first four seasons unless you count the fact that everyone and their third cousin was gay. (I suppose one could take offense at the Dalek Emperor worship in the season one finale, but every time I read a fawning article about Obama, I hear Daleks shrieking, “Do not blaspheme! Worship him! WORSHIP HIM!”, so it’s hard for me to mind.) I really liked that “The Satan Pit” pointed out that the Doctor’s skepticism borders on the dogmatic and religious itself; that struck me as surprisingly nuanced. There certainly wasn’t anything to rival Rory’s atheism superpower in “The God Complex.”

  • Richard Bell

    I think that it is nothing short of amazing that Steve Moffat took a fun children’s game (Red Light, Green Light) and morphed it into pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel. After several attempts, I did manage to watch “Flesh and Stone”, but my first two attempts to watch “Blink” have yet to get to halfway.

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  • rover serton

    thanks, a great laugh!

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