For the Victims, There is no “Moving On”

We’re All Virginians Now, Still.

  • MarylandBill

    Mark Shame on you. You forget about the devastation that spread across DC and Maryland as well (Actually, I think the most significant damage from the quake was in DC with both National Cathedral and the Washington Monument sustaining damage).

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Large thumb upwards because of this article!

  • Peggy R

    I would have had to google if not for prior comments. Now I chuckle.

  • dpt

    I remember where I was when this happened.
    Well, not really though I am certain I was somewhere.

    • MarylandBill

      Actually I remember exactly where I was…

      It is easy to laugh about it now, but it was quite scary at the time… at least if you live on the East Coast and are not use to this sort of thing.

      • Peggy Hagen

        Eh, there was some damage out here in Howard County – old stonework crumbling, brick chimneys and the like – mind you, earthquake insurance doesn’t exist out here; and the earthquake probably contributed to the post-Irene collapse of a retaining wall which nearly took our parish hall down with it (5 more feet and it would have). Our town’s enjoyed 12 months of mini-disasters since, ending with that train derailment two days ago.

  • Christina

    Hah! Didn’t realize this was the anniversary of that terrible event. I remember standing in my cube thinking that the construction workers had blown something up…but it just kept going. We were all asking what was going on and the guy from California said “it’s an earthquake” and never got up or even looked concerned. When it was about 5 minutes past we were told to evacuate and he grumbled the whole way out.

  • Blog Goliard

    My in-laws in Alaska–which experienced a much stronger quake at about the same time…though it of course went completely unnoticed Outside–weren’t sure whether they were more amused or offended by that whole spectacle.

  • Rachel K

    While this was definitely unsettling at the time (we’re not used to earthquakes in this part of the country and most of us who are DC-area natives had no idea what was going on), it really had no business getting more than a brief blurb in national news (the Washington Monument and National Cathedral being closed for repairs is definitely blurb-worthy). Local news? Sure, spend ink and airtime on it. National news? What the heck is this doing on national news?

    • Blog Goliard

      Everything that happens on Coruscant is of galaxy-wide importance. Everything.

  • David DePerro

    This earthquake was felt from Atlanta to Toronto. East Coast bedrock is stiffer than Cali and carries the quakes much further. It was one of only a few earthquakes its strength in the world last year. It was the strongest earthquake on the east coast since 1897 and spanned 12 states and into Canada. The Pentagon was evacuated. I’m sure many or most DC people had that terrifying moment of wondering whether this was another 9/11, especially people like me who saw and lived through 9/11 first hand. Two iconic structures, including the 3rd largest church in the world, were significantly damaged. Thank God no one died. That is certainly a testimony to U.S. building and engineering standards even on the east coast, which set us so far ahead of countries like China and Turkey. That is what’s known as good news.