Our Ruling Class vs. the Rest of Us

US=Us Suckers

  • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

    Yes. This. Exactly.

    The flight from JFK to Dulles isn’t that long, so to speak…

  • David Davies

    The problem with that cartoon is that in the view of Tea-Partiers the Big Banks are on the same side as Big Government.

    • me

      The whole point of the cartoon, if you look closely, is that the “Big Banks” entrance and the “Big Government” entrance lead to the same building.

      • David Davies

        Yeah. I get that. My point is that the Tea-Party doesn’t take the side it is shown to be taking.

        • Will

          Do they not want to get rid of big government regulation, including regulation of banks?

          • Ted Seeber

            The Tea Party wants regulators to actually do their job! That was the reason for their formation- to protest the banks and the way that the SEC had deregulated them!

        • Marya

          Technically speaking, Tea Party would have to be standing on both sides, pointing at Big Government and Big Banks, for this to accurately represent their views. But I still like the overall concept.

  • Sam Schmitt

    Sorry, I just can’t get all worked up that there’s a “ruling class” as if this was some horrible distortion of “democracy.” Of course there’s a ruling class – people who are interested in ruling the country and sacrifice everything to do that. Just like there’s a media elite, a religious elite, an artistic elite, a pop culture elite, etc. who are out to control the media, religion, art, pop culture, etc – and do a pretty bang-up job of it. That’s what elites do.

    And to think that politicians are in bed with bankers! What next? I just betcha there’s a connection between politicians and trial lawyers / oil companies / big pharma / environmentalists / Planned Parenthood. . . . the list goes on and on. I’ve even heard that there’s been a link between politicians and labor unions! Can you imagine? (if it hasn’t already been discovered by some intrepid investigative reporter).

    • SecretAgentMan

      “Of course there’s a ruling class – people who are interested in ruling the country and sacrifice everything to do that.”

      I’ve never heard a more concise statement of the crisis facing America. Thanks!

      • Sam Schmitt

        Then “the crisis” has been facing America since the day it was born.

        • SecretAgentMan

          You’re catching on.

  • Will

    There is too much money exchanging hands in the political arena. However, was it Winston Churchill who said that democracy is messy, but consider the alternative?

    I read something else recently that it used to be that most people were gathered around the 50 yard-line of the political field. Now, we have many people in opposite end zones with fewer towards the middle of the field. There is too much of a political frenzy on both sides.