Strangely, Neither Appear to Be Begging to Have Never Been Born

I am at a loss to account for this photo since my Generation Narcissus sources inform me that lives such as theirs cry out for the mercy of oblivion rather than be a burden on members of Generation Narcissus. Research is proceeding and an explanation for this mystery is expected hourly.

  • James H, London

    Yay Mike Pistorius! He’s from South Africa, he is! Apparently he competed in an able-bodied Olympic event, he’s that fast on those prosthetics!

    That picture’s just adorable. It makes him look even better.

  • Chris

    It’s Oscar Pistorius, but you’re right: absolute legend and uncomfortable reality for abortion apologists.

  • Ted Seeber

    I love the design of those feet, but I really have to wonder about the Olympic Committee allowing a cyborg to race against normal humans. Seems to me his feet give him a clear advantage, despite needing to learn to use them properly.

    • Pancho

      I saw a feature about this on t.v. the other night. The prosthetics give him no advantage, appearantly. Someone from MIT (it might have been the designer of the prosthetics, sorry I can’t remember his name) said they are basically springs, but so are the tendons and ligaments in our legs and all the achievement comes from Pistorius and not the devices. He was prohibited from competing in able-bodied competitions a few years back because of fears that they gave him an advantage but he appealed the decision and it was overturned.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        I think the main complaint is that the prosthetics don’t get tired the way legs do, which is an advantage.

        That being said, I find it hard to criticize him competing without sounding completely Delta Bravo.

  • Nate Winchester

    Whenever I hear “why doesn’t God heal amputees” I want to point to these pictures and go “looks like He did.”

    No really. He provided the materials, the compatibility, and the capability. Is it so much to ask we put in just a tiny bit of effort to put it all together? I say it is to His glory that omnipotence allows us to participate (however small) in His miracles.

  • enness

    *grin* Love it.