Tee Hee!

Some anonymous enterprising person got hold of one of my fave stills from Manalive and improved it.

Then, somebody else, knowing my aversion to being added to FB groups without my permission, came up with this:

Then my weisenheimer son came up with this:

maybe i was wrong about torture being wrong -

No one may ever actually see Manalive, but at least I will have the satisfaction of becoming an internet meme like Dramatic Prairie Dog or the Numa Numa Guy.

  • http://catholicfire.blogspot.com/ Jean

    How about “And also with your Spirit?”

    I don’t hear that one during daily Mass, but occasionally during the weekend Masses.

  • Gégé

    I would have wrote ” Try to say one more time that i’m not open minded ?”
    Or : “Didn’t I ask for no sugar in my coffe?”

  • http://www.ottavabattuta.blogspot.com Heather Kulaga

    laughing!!! oh man so funny.

  • bob

    From a book some years ago “Why Catholics Can’t Sing” — I think it’s there? Where the guy who doesn’t really want to “exchange the peace” but decides to anyway, turns to the little old lady next to him at the eucharist. He’s about to offer a hug when she hisses at him “I don’t do that s**t!!”.