This killed me

  • Nate Winchester

    *slow clap*

    That was beautiful.

  • Ingvar

    I’m going to be the first to take the risk of looking ignorant and saying that I don’t get it. I know the two guys from the muppets who are sort of the old coot critics on that show, but the silhouettes in front? I don’t know what they are. And the infinity symbol? Something forever?

  • Danny D

    Ingvar: Mystery Science Theatre – a couple robots and a guy making fun of old movies, rating a couple old coots making fun of everything.

  • Tim Jones

    I get it!!
    Oh, well done.

  • Donna

    My two favorite S & W quotes, one contemporary, one classic!

    “Waldorf: The internet is a completely different culture, isn’t it?
    Statler: You said it. Everything here is immediately followed by sarcastic comments and nasty responses.
    Waldorf: Yup, we’re finally where we belong. ”

    “Statler: I wonder if there really is life on another planet.
    Waldorf: Why do you care? You don’t have a life on this one !”

  • Ingvar

    Ok, thanks. I get it now. I had heard of but had never seen I’ll have to check it out.

  • victor

    Actually, that picture is more a representation of eternal recurrence, or the Ouroboros myth, than it is a sign of infinity, but it’s very clever nonetheless.