Where the Blogosphere Really Pays Off

…is in things like this really wonderful, engaging and thoughtful read-through of Sherry Weddell’s book Forming Intentional Disciples being conducted by Tom Kreitzberg.

I think Sherry has written one of the most important books of our time for anybody who cares about the mission and future of the Church. I really do. And I am tickled pink to see serious and thoughtful discussion of the urgent matters she raises. You should read her book.

Don’t miss the comboxes exchanges. Braininess done right.

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  • Joseph H. M. Ortiz

    Although I’ve not been active in Catholic discipleship, I did read (some years ago) the mature thoughts of someone who was quite active in this way: the philosophic essayist Jacques Maritain, who wrote in his book Peasant of the Garonne (Chap. 7, “The Affairs of God’s Kingdom”) about a layman’s discipleship. Of course there can be special cases when a layman — like Maritain himself — presents Catholic teaching. But even so, a Christianly active layman “will give witness to the Gospel … by living it, and by the MANNER in which he carries out the most banal tasks. And that will happen without his having to think of *exercising an apostolate*: the less he thinks of it, the more it will be worth!”

  • Melanie

    I’m with Joseph Ortiz. There is definitely something wrong with the Catholic Church in America, but I am not sure it is not the same thing that’s been wrong with the Church since the beginning – the simple fact that we are all sinful, weak human beings. I’m not sure that Weddell’s vision is the total answer she and you present it as because, as Joseph says, it ignores the living out of a relationship with Christ in simple daily life. Besides the whole thing of dividing baptized Catholics into “disciples” and “not disciples,” which is repulsive. I’m not interested in some lay person looking at my life and deciding which category I fall into. There are other ways to nourish Catholic life and evangelize the world that don’t rely on judgment of others.