When men have come to the edge of a precipice, it is the lover of life who has the spirit to leap backwards, and only the pessimist who continues to believe in progress.

G. K. Chesterton


  • John

    This is too funny not to mention. Right now on my screen, I see this post, with Mark and G.K. successfully exposing Obama’s empty rhetoric, and on the right side, right under where Mark wrote: “the ads in this column are not endorsed by the author…” and right above Mark’s smiling face, is a big picture ad for RomneyRyan, “America’s Comeback Team”, and “Donate”. As hard as you have worked to discredit Mitt, it seems Mitt loves you still. They don’t need your endorsement, Mark, all they need is your blog! :) What a great country, eh?

  • Ted Seeber

    Progress just isn’t progressive anymore.

    If it ever was.

    But thanks to last week’s homily, I think I understand where it went off the rails a bit better. My priest, who was a grade school kid at the same parish in the 1960s, told us a story about how his generation lost their faith in authority; I now think the sexual revolution and all of the destruction since then was a reaction to the MAD doctrine.

  • SecretAgentMan

    The period at the end is confusing me.