Wait. It’s coming! I Can Feel It!!!

It’s….. the Epic Tina Fey Eye Roll!!!!

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Is that a phonetic Bible? Is it really pronounced BAR-ak?

  • Steve P

    No– it’s “Give me a Buh-Rake…” (with the eye-roll)

  • Mark Gordon
  • SouthCoast

    So, is Deborah the crinkle-cut Democrat air machine, last caught lying about the Israeli ambassador? Feh! If I think of Biblical references for this admin, I think more in terms of Maccabees, rather than Judges.

  • Rachel K

    So anyone with a Biblical name is bound to have a connection to their namesake? I’m amazed by how easily I conceived my children!

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Using this logic, I’m surprised I haven’t vandalized every single comments section with, “FIRST!!!! WOOT!”

  • Mark Windsor

    My name is Mark. My name is in the Bible too. What of it?