Let the Memes Begin

In response to the lastest Obama ad comparing voting for him to losing your virginity.  'Like' and 'Share' if you don't want another 4 years!
This fool has all the scorn she is going to receive coming to her.  When I saw the Obama ad, which I will not dignify with a link, I kept thinking of this guy:

Could there be a starker contrast between slavish indulgence of appetite claiming the status of fundamental human right and self-sacrificial heroism laying down one’s life for another–even for a brain-dead member of the Consumer Generation like this Bright Young Thing?  Woman?  No dearie, you are and will forever be a teenage girl, a sophomore, to be precise–barring a miracle of conversion.  May you find forgiveness for spitting on this man’s sacrifice.  And may the john you work for swiftly find himself unemployed.

  • Julie

    I used to be very pro abortion. There is nothing noble or kind about it. Being “pro-choice” is not born out of compassion for the mother. It is born out of non-compassion for the unborn child.

    • SecretAgentMan

      Julie, you should write about that, anonymously if you like, and get it posted. People tend to classify pro-aborts as either deliberately wicked or naively misguided. I suspect it’s somewhere in between and different at the same time. It would be good and helpful for people to read a first-hand account of the worldview.

      • Ted Seeber

        I’m convinced the grand majority are in the “naively misguided” camp. Though I have run across a few Malthusians in the “deliberately wicked” camp of eugenics, this seems to be at most a minority opinion.

  • dpt

    “And may the john you work for swiftly find himself unemployed.”

    Amen. As each day goes by, the president is coming across as a petty man, not a leader.
    Back in 2008, The Economist, which I believed endorsed Barak Obama, commented that the US was on the verge of electing one of the less vetted candidates in its history.

    Hope and change, was hype and little substance.
    BTW, I voted already and did not vote for Mitt.

  • http://sperolaus.com David R

    This is an awesome and still deeply saddening video. Quick Synopsis: Dude tells Obama supporters about Obama’s policies but pretends that they’re Romney’s proposed policies, and Dude gets reactions that are all strongly negative. Then Dude reveals that the policies weren’t proposed by Romney, that they are actual current Obama policies.

    You can take a guess how the Obama supporters reacted to the news that they were deeply upset about their guy’s policies, OR you can watch the reactions beginning at the 4:30 mark.


    • beccolina

      Yikes. I wish, along with urging people to vote, that more organizations would urge people to “Get Informed, then Vote.” Not that being informed always breaks down the tribal mentality . . .

    • Ye Olde Statistician

      A letter to the editor in this morning’s paper went into a rant against foreign aid and against illegals sneaking into the country and then urged readers to vote for Obama because he cared for the little guy and would put an end to all this.

  • J. H. M. Ortiz

    I’ll bet I won’t be the first person to notice that while the Obama ad’s concluding line, “Practice Obamabstinence”, altho meant to be pro-Obama (and a parody of pro-abstinence ads), can be easily enough interpreted to mean, “Abstain from Obama by abstaining from voting for him.”

    • Anna

      I think that *is* the idea of the picture posted, seeing as it’s by “Pro-Life Artists Unite.” It’s referencing another, pro-Obama, ad, though that’s not clear from this post.

  • kenneth

    I’m only starting my first cup of coffee of the day, so I may be missing the obvious, but how does an abortion issue ad, objectionable as you find it, spit on the sacrifice of Normandy D-Day veterans? Is there some actual link, or is it just that her political position is so heinous that it impugns all noble things in American culture? Is “Obamaabstinence ” also a calculated swipe at Harley Davidson, Texas Friday night football games and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s best live shows?

    • B.E. Ward

      Mark is referring to an ad for Mr. Obama making the rounds. One that he won’t link to here. It’s easy enough to find on YouTube. Just try ‘Lena Dunham first time’.

      • http://sorryalltheclevernamesaretaken.blogspot.com/ Robert

        Google “Lena Dunham first time” and you can see Steven Crowder’s parody video as well.

  • Anna

    I saw the posted ad elsewhere on Patheos and thought it was good/funny without any context. I hadn’t heard of the original, and since it sounds like no one else here has either, the original was trying to mobilize young voters by comparing their first time voting to losing their virginity. And frankly, I’m rather grossed out by *that* image of the voting booth… though the ad must be accurate if Obama gives a certain reporter a “shiver up [his] leg.” Anyway, here’s an article about it.

    • Rosemarie


      When I saw it I thought, “I hope she doesn’t expect him to call her tomorrow.”

  • B.E. Ward

    Somehow omitted from the script was “You want to do it with a guy who can kill whomever he pleases and uses drones to attack funerals in Pakistan” and “You want to do it with a guy who believes you can just get an abortion if you end up pregnant, even if the clump of cells is a girl, and you don’t want a girl!”

    • kenneth

      It’s clearly an edgy and very partisan ad, but I’m still not seeing the WW II connection…..

      • B.E. Ward

        It’s a juxtaposition………..

        • kenneth

          By juxtaposition with a Normandy landing soldier, all of us, including Ms. Dunham and the average pro-lifer, are leading lives of shallow self-absorption.

          • Tim in Cleveland

            I’m not seeing the connection between Ms. Dunham and the average pro-lifer.

          • Rosemarie


            Another, perhaps more immediate, comparison would be to women’s suffrage supporters. They endured threats, imprisonment, even violence (like the Night of Terror) to win the right for Dunham to vote, which she now blithely trivializes in this ad.

  • Heather Kulaga
  • The Next to Last Samurai

    I thought the virginity ad was tasteless but mildly amusing, the way I felt about the old Benny Hill show. I wonder who the ad is aimed at. From what I have seen on the Internet about it, it’s appealing only to those who like offending Christians, and Obama already has those voters.

    • B.E. Ward

      It’s meant to convince college-aged kids and 20-something hipsters to actually go vote.

    • beccolina

      I am guessing they are trying to convince young women who may not have been old enough to vote last time, and other young women, to vote this time. It will probably appeal to college age girls both because it is irreverent and it talks about contraception, and the college girls need that, y’know.

    • Mark Shea

      I’m not offended as a Christian. I’m offended as a human being.

  • Lloyd Petre

    She works for a pimp, not a john. The johns are the voters.

    • Mark Shea

      99% of the problem we face is that we no longer realize that in our system, pols work for us. He’s a john.

  • bob

    I expect once she starts getting interviewed she’ll be SHOCKED that people think they have some RIGHT to ask about her personal life! She’s so very shy and guarded about things. She should know a locomotive of publicity is headed her way. I doubt she’ll think it was worthwhile.

    • Tim in Cleveland

      She has a television show on HBO so I’m sure she’d welcome any publicity.

  • Jack

    Dunham is the surname of both this girl and Obama’s mother. Is her hiring for this ad nepotism?

  • Michelle

    Funny Memes. There are a lot of them coming out these days. It is the trend. They’re funny and humorous and very insightful too.

  • Becky

    It’s fine to disagree with someone — quite vehemently; I know I often do — but the level of vitriol you’re directing at Ms. Dunham in this post is frankly disturbing. I would not characterize it as christian.