Lucy the Cuteness Begins to Show Signs of Artistic Genius

Here is her portrait of Daddy:

An uncanny likeness.  And a bold choice of color, recalling the redness of his beard, as well as the passionate anger of a “child” unjustly sent to bed in a world of existential madness where our most fundamental realities are challenged by new paradigms of social and moral experimentation and a racist, sexist, post-colonial civilization strains to maintain its grip on power amid the deconstructing grammar of neo-linear, pan-authoritarian “parental” hegemonies.  Race, class and gender are all in flux in this new and radically simplified anti-narrative of liberation and atomized autonomy.

  • The Dialectics of Crayon

    And Dad begins to show promise as a postmodern hermeneuticist.

  • Steve P

    Don’t forget the subversive environmental statement made by her choice of re-purposed paper. As one who also has budding artistic genius being manifested in my progeny, I recognize that medium. I can just picture the little label in the museum. ” ‘Daddy’ by Lucy the Cuteness, 2012, Crayon on Paper with Inkjet Bleedthrough”

  • Steven Dunn

    Even her drawings are cute.

  • Robert King

    Huh… I hadn’t noticed before, but this portrait makes it clear: Daddy definitely got Grandpa’s nose.

  • Ghosty

    Yup. that’s definitely Luke!

  • Kelly Franklin, Doctoral Candidate in English

    My post-structuralist reading of this brilliant and complex work highlights the fact that The Cuteness has captured the fundamental ambiguities of identity–a self-and-societally-constructed flux of simultaneous self-fashioning and environmental-determinedness. Cuteness has demonstrated–as perhaps no other artist has to date–the bi-and-trifurcated identity politics of the human face in constructing even a temporary and ephemeral social identity amidst the fragmentation of post-modernity.

  • Julie

    What? You allow your grandchild to draw on the back of an offertory chant score? Sacrilege! ;-)

  • Luke Shea

    @Julie: Good gravy, what an eye!

    It’s not a matter of what we allow her to draw on so much as it is a matter of where we eventually find her drawings.

    Anyway, this one was okay to draw on. Mama is heavily involved with music at our parish. Sheet music duplicates are inevitable. Just think of this as adorable, frameable recycling.

    • Julie

      I was just joking. If my kids weren’t snobs that insist on “plain paper,” a habit I never should have fostered, they’d be drawing on the back of chant scores, too. My husband is a church music director, so we have lots of those at our house as well!

  • Jude K

    In all seriousness, I really do think she has talent. Hoping you will post more of her artwork.

  • Teri

    Are we certain…
    that Lucy wasn’t drawing her grandpa!