• Bob LeBlanc

    Look, Mark, it’s a Facebook picture that’s warning us about the evil Facebook is doing behind our backs. So, of course, it’s true. Don’t bother looking this up on Snopes, or Hoax-Slayer. It just has to be true.

    However, it is a little bit suspicious in that it doesn’t guilt you, or otherwise demand that you post it on your own timeline. Hmm, maybe it’s not true.

  • Will

    It has to be true. Facebook is a corporation and therefore evil. So any accusation against Them is ipso factor true. “The Corporations” don’t ask “how can we increase the bottom line”, they ask “how much evil and suffering can we create today?”

    • Nate Winchester

      Well since all corporations work for Satan, we know that “evil and suffering” ARE the bottom line. ;)

      • Ted Seeber

        I thought it was the other way around. The makeup of Satan’s cabinet proves he works for the corporations.

  • Nick R

    Tomorrow, Facebook will change its privacy settings to allow Mark Zuckerberg to come into your house while you sleep and eat your brains with a grapefruit spoon. To stop this from happening go to Account> Home Invasion Settings> Cannibalism> Brains, and uncheck the “Tasty” box. Please copy and repost.

    • beccolina

      I like that one. Now, how to get cinnamon tea off my keyboard?

    • Fabio P.Barbieri

      I htought they already had?

    • Mel

      Meme worthy in its own right. I steal now.

    • Will

      Does Sylar know about this?

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Pet peave: The complete misuse of the term Apocalypse has become so prevalent that the basic meaning of the word has changed.

    • Will

      Blame Whedon.
      “…it makes me want to know what is the plural of ‘apocalypse’.”

  • acricketchirps

    Misspelling of “peeve” is mine.

  • Will

    If you do not link this post on your timeline, you hate little fluffy kittens.