Hey College Boy

Your elitism just went klonk:

I derive the same joy from this as the time somebody wrote to tell me “YOU ARE A IDOIT!”

  • Rosemarie


    Not just “they’re,” but “too.”

    • http://sperolaus.com David R

      Beat me to it.

      Nevermind the thousands of ROTC folks on college campuses across America who graduate college and immediately enter service.

  • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

    As a Marine myself, I can only say…

    Oorah Devil Dog! Semper Fi!

  • Jack

    They’re too period.

  • http://hezekiahgarrett.wordpress.com Hezekiah Garrett

    You should have told that fellow, “I DO IT better, regardless what ‘it’ is.”