Planned Parenthood Always Adds Class to the Proceedings

Reminding you, once again, of the core values of the Party of Denham, Fluke and Lady Parts Thinkers Everywhere. Cuz it’s all about Free Contraceptive Candy, Abortion and Nothing Else.

  • TC
    • brian_in_brooklyn

      Mark, what’s the source of this poster?

  • ivan_the_mad

    It’s so clear to me now. Freedom is willful enslavement to the appetites with the government as the enabler.

    • Faith

      Ivan, that is the best one line summary I have read. May I quote you?

      • ivan_the_mad

        Sure, you don’t even need my permission. Personally, I’d advise against quoting me, but it’s a free country :)

  • EBS

    How tacky, and the “T” is blatantly revolting. What do you expect…

  • Michael

    Because, you know, nothing shows respect for women like putting them in black hose and heals and sticking their legs up in the air.

  • John C

    Whores. Every last one of ‘em. Even the “respectable” ones.

  • Erin Manning

    I know that people dislike this epithet, and I use it with care here, but this is the truth: Planned Parenthood thinks that all women are sluts–that is, they think that the default setting for female human beings is “slut,” and that only oppressive patriarchy and religion get in the way of that.

    It couldn’t be more insulting.

    Of course, PP also thinks that the default setting for males is “slut,” too, and laughs at the idea of any man loving a woman enough to control himself around her, propose honorable marriage, and behave with chaste abstinence before the wedding and chaste marital habits afterwards out of love for his beloved.

    It’s all a pretty reductive, animalistic way to view human beings. But that’s what happens when you deny men and women their transcendent natures as immortal creatures made in God’s image.

  • Ted Seeber

    if you doubt the source of this poster, find yourself a nice dark hole, if you’re over 18 and away from work, and go to the NSFW site .

    What Planned Parenthood is teaching is not MY definition of safe sex, by any means.

    • Joel

      Ted, that link took me to a GoDaddy parking page.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Again, where did this poster come from?

    • Grace T.

      It comes from Planned Parenthood. For example, Planned Parenthood Action on Face Book has it:

      • brian_in_brooklyn

        Thanks Grace. I’ve got to say that I find the legs in this poster tasteless. I am shocked, however, that some on this site view all women who use contraceptives sluts and whores. Would you be willing to say that to the woman in the pew next to you? Your sister? perhaps, your mother?

        Because the statistics indicate that nearly all of them are using contraceptives.