A day late, but still funny.

And will punch you out if you deny it.  Don’t mess with Santa.

  • http://yardsaleofthemind.wordpress.com/ Joseph Moore

    Saw another similar one somewhere with the caption: I’ve come to give presents to children and to punch out heretics. And I’m all out of presents.

    Hope he’s got a good corner man. Spreading advent cheer…

    • http://bayareachesterton.wordpress.com/ Margaret

      Hi Joe!

      Mark: Seeing Joe’s note reminds me that I have neglected to THANK YOU for the times you have so kindly shared the announcements for our local Chesterton Society meetings. Every single time you’ve put up a post, lo and behold, new people have walked in door who would otherwise never have found us. And since these newcomers are regular readers of your blog they are, by definition, charming and interesting people. It’s been such a delight to sit around over good food discussing good writing with good folk. So again, thank you!

      • http://bayareachesterton.wordpress.com/ Margaret

        Re-reading my note reminds me of why I don’t comment too often– I’m so frequently incoherent. Left unsaid in the previous comment: Joe and his lovely wife are two such people who discovered the Bay Area Chesterton Society through your blog. There. I think it’s clear now. :)

  • Melissa

    You beat me to it, Joseph Moore. That particular meme is number 7 in Jen Fulwiler’s quick takes here: http://www.conversiondiary.com/2012/12/7-quick-takes-friday-vol-199.html

  • Diana
  • JoFro

    By the way Mark, have you checked out Catholic Memes on Facebook? Check out Catholic Memes! They are awesome :D