Interesting Conference Coming Up January 12 in Michigan


  • Elmwood

    Can someone please explain the Acton Institute? Does it legitimately try to implement catholic social teaching within the context of a free-market or is it an organization promoting GOP sanctioned economics? Does it have endorsement by the Vatican?

  • tz

    Fr. Sirico of Acton honored Margaret Thatcher because she was pro-free-enterprise although she brought the abortion holocaust to England.

    This conference is the blind leading the blind. They are clueless as to why Romney wasn’t elected, so want to form a circle where they pat themselves on the back for their loyalty and orthodoxy.

    The first step toward reform is repentance, and the first step toward that is an examination of conscience, where am I falling short.

    For Religious liberty will they mention the Sikh Temple massacre or the Mosque burned and totaled in Joplin MO?

    On the definition of Marriage, will they bring up indissolubility or not want anything (Thomas) More beyond one man and one woman at a time?

    For “pro-life” will it turn into a Republican robo-call so Arlen Spectre (voted for Obamacare!) is OK because Santorum endorsed him but Bob Casey is not because he is a democrat?

    On the “undocumented”, will they call for all churches to be open to “undocumented parishioners”, or will they call the cops on trespassers, wanting to control their borders? Why did they wait until Ron Paul was losing delegates to bring up the issue last year during the primaries? If it was an important issue, after NH, he was the only candidate who was right on both the life and immigration issues.

    I think the last time I listened to Kresta is when he interviewed the author of “An End to Evil” talking about incinerating millions in the middle east. Note Abortion didn’t come up so I guess we can end evil without ending abortion.

    (bonus question – what radius from your home do the abortion clinics have a daily average death toll equal to or exceeding Newton?).