It takes a minute for the penny to drop

Get it?
And in addition to the lurking visual pun for my Christian readers (give it a minute,  you’ll get it and groan), let me also add to the centuries 0f suffering of the Jewish people by saying, with no remorse whatsoever, “HAPPY KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANUKKAH!”

  • Steven Dunn

    15 seconds after staring at it I groaned. I love/hate you.

  • kmk

    SIgh, Help me out. All that comes to mind is, “Da plaaane! Da plaane!”

    Even just send it to my email address if you don’t want to spoil it. I can’t even remember this guy’s Fanstasy Island name, let alone his real one….

  • ivan_the_mad

    I’m so sad. I was an unabashed Trekker from grade school through college and it still took me a good two minutes to get it. I kept thinking, Khan Noonian Singh? Does this have something to do with Christmas carols?

  • Peggy R

    OMGosh! I actually got it! I am no Trekkie, but know the line.

    It’s Ricardo Montalban. Rich Corinthian leather!

    • kmk

      Thank you. I think I get it now, too. although am not a Trekki,for some reason, I have heard the line.

  • Dan

    It’s the _ of Khan!

  • AfroDoc

    I thought Hanukkah starts next week?

  • Margaret

    My son suggested we photoshop Montalban into a tub, yielding… The Bath of Khan.

  • tz

    Is the bow made of “Fine Corinthian Leather”? Perhaps they can use it as a travel miles certificate for flying nuns. I can’t “Fathom” another role as a bad guy.

    This is a gem – so good it crossed the ruby-kahn. I see the greens come from Kahn-ifers.

    (Actually the mashup should have some combination of that and the Matrix’s “The One”: Neo-Kahn).

    Stannous Holly surrounded by TINsel Laurels.

    If they had more of the brown things it would be the wreath of cones. But less festive.

    Someone put marketing signs over constantly blowing air-ducts. They were renamed “Ad Vents”.

    With an image instead of the most recent “joker” would it be “Wreath Ledger?”.