Over at the Catholic Herald in the UK

I’m discussing our policies of secret unilaterally ordered drone strikes targeting civilians.

In the comboxes, there is the normal mix of sane people (so far a minority as of this writing), coupled with exactly the same sort of crazy (“You cited a ritually impure source! Those civilians have it coming! I suppose you want to rub terrorists bellies!”) one finds in the US. Comforting to know our sundered peoples still have so much in common.

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  • James

    In my experience most of the commentators on the Catholic Herald website are Americans anyway. You can usually tell by the spelling, but the use of abbreviations like ‘POTUS’ and ‘MSM’ is also a dead giveaway. American Web users seem to have such an insatiable desire to comment on things that they begin to overwhelm the rest of the English-speaking world’s media; the Guardian and especially the Telegraph websites are already far gone, and the smaller magazines and journals aren’t far behind. I blame the First Amendment.

    (sez a British person commenting on an American website)

    • enness

      Hmm…I don’t think I’ve ever been able to comment on the Herald, and I always wondered if it was because my IP was from outside the country or something like that. Must be another reason.

  • JDH

    James makes a good point about Americans dominating comboxes everywhere. So, allow me to say:

    Mark! Well done, old bean! I greatly anticipate your enlightening and humourous missives but here on the Isles we often have to wait a fortnight between dispatches! Pip, pip, cheerio! Carry on!

  • Jill

    Since there is no hope for Americans nor the British, I’m just going to giggle every time I see “programme” and “radicalise” …

    • James H, London

      Heh! That works both ways, so it does! 🙂