Thank God for Gutsy Bishops

St. Thomas a Becket, another gutsy bishop, pray for Cdl. George. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Be assured of my prayers on his behalf.

  • Father Joseph Leppard, SJ

    As one with Cancer, I say to you, Dear Cardinal, hold on. Don’t let it beat you.


  • Brian Butterly

    My prayers are with you.

  • Julianne Wiley

    Dear Cardinal George: teach us to trust God only. Thank you.

  • Doug Lawrence

    With all respect due to the good Cardinal, it’s often very difficult to discern any real difference between Chicago politics as usual and the mysterious workings of the Archdiocese of Chicago, the recent high point being the very well attended and nationally televised Holy Name Cathedral funeral (and near spontaneous canonization) of the late, former Chicago Cubs 3rd baseman, Ron Santo, who reportedly, was never seen in those parts before. Then there was the recent Chicago March for Life, where not a single priest from the Chicago Archdiocese could be found. And the Michael Daley op-ed critical of Cardinal George, that basically told the Cardinal to sit down and shut up – which he promptly did! And the political sacking of Rey Flores, shortly after he was specifically hired to reform the local CCHD. And the Fr. Daniel McCormack abuse scandal, due to lack of promised oversight and supervision, while the Cardinal was busy in Rome. Plus some 84 other abuse cases (all under Cardinal George). And the surprising lack of orthodoxy in many of the homilies preached at the Cathedral, by staffers as well as visitors. Then there’s the extraordinarily ugly, Presbyterian-styled Holy Name Cathedral. And of course, there’s Father Michael Pfleger who appears to have developed his very own, renegade version of the sacred liturgy, who routinely threatens the lives of legal gun dealers, yet remains totally deaf, dumb and blind, when it comes to preaching against the evils of abortion and/or his close pal, the abortion President – Barack Obama. I mention all this just to let you know it’s not all sweetness and light here in Chicago. Not by a long shot! And while Cardinal George has many fine attributes, he has yet to be declared a saint. Let’s all pray for him. And us!

  • Cassandra

    Those are all things that happened to him. It doesn’t take guts to be a victim.

    OTH, when it comes to being a bishop, George is afraid of his own priests.

  • David Naas

    I just love it when the real religion of most people is divisive politics, and their (alleged) religion is only a minor adjunct of their political mania. It is helpful (although not necessary nor sufficient, since mere common sense will inform you) to be reminded that politics comes from ethics, which is informed by philosophy, which is guided by religion (for which, see that old Stooge– Aristiotle). However, knowing that most people would rather believe they have a right to be heard in whatever silly-a$$ opinion they care to grace the rest of us (whereas, they only have a right to speak — the rest of us are under no obligation to listen), I expect to see that Cardinal George will be subject to a variety of unremarkably obtuse opinions due to the politics of the commentator, rather than the crystal clarity of the religious proposition (that, sorry if you don’t like him, if you are Catholic and in his area of responsibility, you are Obliged to obey — like it or not.) — Ahh, America, where the delusion of democracy infects even people who should know better (that the Gospel is not something subject to a plebicite).

  • Fr. Alejandro Roque, OMI

    Francis Cardinal George, OMI is a Missionary Oblate to the core. What a blessing he has been to our Religious Congregation… what a blessing he has been to our Roman Catholic Church in the USA and throughout the world!

  • Diogenes

    With all due respect to the Cardinal, history will not find much that he has done for his diocese. That is what takes guts.

  • Janet O’Connor

    While I am sorry about the Cardinal’s fight with cancer and his remarks about persecution to come for those after him, I am afraid I have to agree with Doug. The problems with the Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago simply cannot be ignored any longer. They must be exposed and directly addressed. The only bright spot there is the number of parochial school enrollment which has gone up there. The problems there I think started with Joseph Bernadine and not the one before him Cardinal Cushing. Hopefully when the “biological” solution starts Chicago will also have some better leadership and the politicians will NOT any longer be anti life, anti family and anti marriage.

    • S. Murphy

      Cody, not Cushing. If there’s that big a problem with the Archdiocese of Chicago, it’s not something the cardinal can fix single-handedly. There’s 3 million people set in their ways, and their ways don’t include even seeing the bishop as teachers of the faith, but simply as politicians. The failure to learn the lessons of 2002 doesn’t help, but that’s just an excuse for not listening. They weren’t listening anyway.

  • Peter

    You have an ad: “DATE LDS SINGLES” on your page. I found that amusing.

  • Thomas

    Are we talking about the same Cardinal George who is too terrified of “Fr.” Phlaeger to do anything to him? Oh, okay, so just because he has cancer (like millions of others…….who suffer in silence by the way) he is “gutsy”. He allows extreme liturgical abuse to go unchecked in his diocese, he allows heresy to be taught throughout that diocese and nothing is done. (ex. Fr. Phlaeger who denied the cardinal’s authorty as well as the pope’s and also denied the all male priesthood etc, and have you seen the youtube video of his “Masses”? He needs prayers for all the scandal he has caused by ignoring disobedient priests and nuns in his diocese. How many children have been taught heresy because of his failure to correct anything? He needs prayers but not because of cancer. Maybe God is giving him another chance to pay for his extreme neglect as a bishop. Well I am sorry he has cancer but I hope before he dies he publicly makes an effort to correct just one of the untold number of heresy in his diocese.

    • Mark Shea

      The awesome courage of the Combox Pharisee never flags.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Oh, okay, so just because he has cancer (like millions of others…….who suffer in silence by the way) he is “gutsy”

    So, you’ve never seen anyone fight cancer before. Got it.

  • Nicole G.

    Several years ago I had dinner with Cdl. George (and 30 fellow volunteers) when I was a part of an Archdiocese-affiliated service organization. Most in our group were nostalgic about Cdl. Bernardin’s “pastoral touch”, and were not impressed by George’s cool intellectualism or orthodoxy. He answered their less-than-friendly questions reasonably and graciously.

    I have great admiration for him. He is brilliant. He inherited an enormously troubled diocese. I don’t think anyone expects miracles overnight, but when I consider how few of my fellow volunteers were both Catholic and actually pro-church (not just the social justice stuff), I was discouraged. Or that our organization was formerly headed by two (three?) married ex-priests… To think of it as a microcosm of the diocese, I came away feeling that there was/is much to be troubled about.

    I’m not sure that Father Pfleger is the fairest touchstone to gauge George’s leadership. He has suspended Pfleger more than once. With the last, he required Pfleger to draft a plan to transition out of St. Sabina. There is a complete cult around this man–a sudden ousting by George would create a major rift between those parishioners and the Church. They *would* side with Pfleger. They *would* find somewhere else to go, and it wouldn’t be another Catholic parish. Heresy isn’t good, but it’s hard to correct if they leave the fold.

    I pray for the Cardinal’s health and strength. As for the Archdiocese of Chicago, I am certain that, given George’s personality and style of leadership, we are simply not seeing the whole picture. Sometimes, when one is untangling a knot, it looks much worse before it’s finally untied.

  • Diogenes

    Did anyone notice that the original ad that started the comments treats the cardinal like a celebrity rather than as a bishop? A bishop should be evaluated on whether more people are praying because of his efforts. Are more people caring for their neighbor because of his efforts? Celebrities just are. Bishops on the other hand are meant to teach, to sanctify and to govern. These are all active verbs.