We’ve been dancing for 29 years, darlin’

…and you just keep getting more beautiful.

A word to young lovers: December weddings. Do it.

  • http://chesterton.org Chris Chan

    Happy anniversary!

  • Bill

    Happy Anniversary.

    My anniversary was Thursday.

  • http://321force.blogspot.com Barbara

    Happy Anniversary!

  • JerryS

    Happy Anniversary! And amen! to Dec weddings. Our 19th anniversary is this Tuesday.

  • Wills

    38 years yesterday…

  • Misty

    Happy Anniversary! Wonderful pic. We celebrated our 14th last Wednesday (yay 12-12-12). We also used to have the Tilma replica visit our house until we figured out we got pregnant every week she was there. ;)

  • ivan_the_mad

    Hooray! Happy anniversary and best wishes!

  • john g

    Congrats youngsters! It gets even better after 40.

    I told a guy I met the othernight that I’d been married 41 years. He said “To the same woman?”, He’d never met anyone married longer than 10 years including his parents.

    May God grant you many more wonderful years and many more grandbabies.

  • EBS

    That’s beautiful. Happy Anniversary! God keep you both safe in each others love for many more years to come, and continue to Bless your wonderful family each day.

  • http://www.likelierthings.com Jon W

    Happy Anniversary, Mark.

  • http://chicagoboyz.net TMLutas

    Congratulations and may you have many years ahead.

  • http://www.postabortionwalk.blogspot.com InfiniteGrace

    Happy anniversary!!!! So sweet. Prayers for many, many, more.

  • Dave

    Happy Anniversary, Mark! I hope you get another 29 (and more)!

  • Karen


    “When December snows fall fast,
    Marry, and true love will last.”

    We took this advice to heart and married on December 28th, 1996 in a blizzard. (-39 degrees Celsius).

  • rachel

    Happy Anniversary Mark and Mrs. Shea :)

  • AZLori

    We celebrated 21 wonderful years on Friday!

  • http://bayareachesterton.wordpress.com/ Margaret

    Yay! Here’s to more years and more Cuteness! :)

  • http://www.pilgrimage.subcreators.com Lori Pieper

    December might be great for longevity, but . . .

    My parents celebrated their 60th anniversary November 24!!
    Just sayin’

    Happy anniversary, Mark and Janet, and many many more to come!

  • Jordan

    Happy Anniversary! And hooray December weddings! Our 2nd anniversary is the 18th.