“Belgium Doesn’t Exist!”

or “Land of Sprouts and Chocolate, I Think Not.”

I’m relieved *some*body has finally ripped the lid off the seamy underbelly of the stinking weed of conspiracy in the dungeon-like garden of mixed metaphors!

I just hope I live till dawn now that the i’ve alerted the Agents to my location by posting this on the Teh Interwebz.

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I don’t believe for a second…

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  • Tominellay

    Yes, it’s all true. Here in Croatia the road to European Union accession was paved with nightly telecasts of Jean Claude Van Damme movies. Sad truth.

  • RFlaum

    Daniel Davies has a similar expose on Canada.

  • Will

    OOOO, how could you use THAT WORD?

    • An Aaron, not the Aaron

      That’s not the half of it. I hear Mark is writing a screenplay wherein he intends to use the B-word gratuitously. Sigh. He’ll probably win an award and take it to parties.

  • MarylandBill

    I always knew there was something missing from all the “conservative” conspiracy theories I had heard, now I know what it is. If the left can pull that off, then who know what they can do. Lets just hope they don’t find out about Texas….

  • Bernie

    Psst Psst! hey Mark you can hide amonst the flying moneys until the next solo act.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Teach the controversy!

  • Steve P

    “Let’s not call them anything… let’s just ignore them.”
    -I believe this was the runner-up submission in the Monty Python game-show “Prejudice”, when the challenge was to come up with the most derogatory name for Belgians.

    Okay, I found the link, but since it is likely to offend, I’ll skip it.

  • Brian

    I can assure you the conspiracy is huge. I have been to the city they built to convince me that Brussels existed. It was very impressive; no falling stage lights to be found.

  • Advocate

    Let’s not forget that the most famous Belgian, Hercule Poirot, is a fictional character invented by Agatha Christie – a British author.

  • Cindy Coleman

    Next, you are going to try to tell me that Holland is not a country!!!!