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TIME is vewwy vewwy upset:

May God hasten the day that this evil judgment is overturned and our culture turns away from solving its problems by murdering somebody.

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  • What does it mean they’ve been losing ever since?

  • Advocate

    How can they live in the era of the Obamacare DHS contraception/abortion mandate and honestly claim they are losing?

    • Bob

      Here’s how:

      When was the last time a state passed a law expanding abortion rights?
      And the DHS mandate (which I oppose) has nothing to do with abortion.

      • How can abortion rights expand unless they extend to killing even after they are born?

  • Goes to show how difficult it is to change a bad ruling. Same type of thing can happen if SSM becomes the law of the land. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Who coined that phrase? It sounds chestertonian

  • jordan

    What a professional and mature statement trying to represent Catholics : /

  • dianna

    Shameless plug which I hope is ok to post: for a great contrast, check out the January issue of Townhall magazine which has several articles celebrating life, including a wonderful cover photo which is a very nice counterpoint to the Time piece/cover. You can see the cover in miniature at Townhall. com.
    I mention this only because I have a family member that works at Townhall, and the support they receive when they venture into more explicitly pro-life coverage will bolster their ability to shine more light on life issues in a venue not as specifically religiously oriented as patheos., itself a great site. The more “politically” oriented conservative media tend to shy away from life issues, though, so our support of them when they do address life issues is critical. And, I apologize if this type of “promotion” is not allowed here. My interest is purely in a “rising tide lifting all boats” in the serious culture war we face.

  • dianna

    I should add I am a long time lurker on patheos (as well as wdthprs, te deum, the anchoress, and others such as The American papist, now at Catholic Vote, who has just recently started posting. I did not come here to merely “promote” 🙂 in case there is any misunderstanding.

  • Jack

    “THEY”? When did TIME choose life?

  • dianna

    Wow. Several typos in that last post. Ok, that should have read:
    …I am a long time lurker on patheos (as well as wdtprs, Te Deum, The Anchoress, and others such as The American Papist, now at Catholic Vote) who has just recently started posting.