I gotta get me one of these

The lovely Aimee Christine Murphy, Executive Director at Life Matters Journal tells me they will be available for sale soon at their site.

American politics often seems to boil down to the same two groups of enemies shouting “My rights!” “Dead children!” and then switching sides depending on whose ox is being gored. Sometimes, to spice things up, they switch to calling each other Hitler.

And we pride ourselves on being far more rational than those stupid medievals who held philosophical disputations. Then we go and watch “Are Ancient Astronauts Being Channeled by Psychics?” specials on the History Channel.

The Middle Ages were not the Age of Superstition. They were the Age of Reason. This is the Age of Irrationality and Credulity.

  • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

    I like it a lot, but abortion should be in a font at least ten times bigger than the other ones. Then, I’d buy the shirt.

    • kmk

      Amen — I agree with the shirt, but don’t want to get tangled up in the “seamless garment” thingy. Babies first!!!

      • Subsistent

        The thing is, it IS a “seamless garment”: because the human will is a simple faculty: so whether we disregard the right to life or human dignity of an unborn child in abortion, or of a Pakistani civilian in a drone attack, or of a prisoner in torturing him, we act with grave injustice, and grossly disregard a person’s rights. “Goodness is from the complete activity; evil, from each single defect.” (St. Isidore of Seville, IIRC).

        • Deacon Greg Kandra

          Amen. I’ve always contended that once a society decides that some lives are expendable—through war or capital punishment—it makes it easier to justify things like abortion. The garment has no seams; it’s all of a piece.

          • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

            I think that all of the things are bad, and ARE of a piece, but abortion kills a completely innocent victim (well, OK, collateral damage does too), and it’s the same abortion also happens on a scale at least 100 or 1000 times higher than the other practices listed on the T-shirt.

            It was the scale (and somewhat, the innocence factor) that prompted my comment.

            • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

              blargh….that should read “it’s also abortion that happens”, not “it’s the same abortion also happens”

          • kmk

            “I’ve always contended that once a society decides that some lives are expendable—through war or capital punishment—it makes it easier to justify things like abortion.”

            Deacon Greg, that is absolutely true, but the way I understand the “seamless garment” principle as put forth (I guess in the ’80′s?) is that everything is “weighted” the same—like abortion and capital punishment, for example. I personally have only seen the term used when someone is trying to equate abortion with anything else, and that is what comes to mind when I hear it, and I use it here with this T-shirt because I do think that in a list of great evils we are perpetrating, it should be more front and center.

            (BTW, I agree with what the Catechism says, which I think (please let me know if I am off, it has been long day : ) ) is that the objective for all is redemption, and that societies (like ours) which have the ability to lock up dangerous criminals for life should do that rather than execute them (but other countries without that ability need to think of the societal good and that perhaps only then could capital punishment be justified. Thanks to my dear husband and Mark’s blog, I saw the light!).

            However, anyone who has been BORN has a chance at redemption that no murdered unborn baby will ever get. They are absolutely the most innocent.

            (PS as ex-military, I am sickened by the US drone evils, and sadly it IS a natural next step in our cultural depravity–off the abortion cliff, I guess you could say. )

            At this point maybe I shouldn’t buy this Tshirt because it is very depressing to think of all of the evils coming out from every direction in our beloved country.

            I still agree with Dave, but am willing to redact seamless garment if someone could point to something I can read to refute my understanding of the term.

            • Subsistent

              Anyone “who has been BORN has a chance at redemption that no murdered unborn baby will ever get”? If what’s being reffered to here is the after-death future of infants who died without baptism, may I point out that the Catechism states (# 1261) that God’s beneficent love “allows us to hope that there is a way of salvation for children who have died without baptism”, and (# 1257) that “God has bound salvation to the sacrament of baptism, but he himself is not bound by his sacraments.”

              • kmk

                Having had two miscarriages, I absolutely MUST hope in Or Lord’s saving Mercy and Love–I am counting on it! That was not my point. : )

                The ability to worship, love, and serve the Lord in this life is a right that the (deliberately killed) unborn are sadly unable to attain. Lord, have mercy on us.
                Those who are born have this possiblity, in the fullness of everything the Church teaches about salvation, culpability, invincible ignorance–you name it–whether they are executed or any other way they die.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      So, just like on Mark’s Facebook page, the gut instinct is to look at a t-shirt that says “Parties are evil” and say, “but the other party is MORE evil!”

  • IC

    I want it too. My husband may buy 10 while I’m not looking.

  • http://www.thyselfolord.blogspot.com Pedro Erik

    It is not that simple, sorry. I would not buy this shirt. To begin with, so many books wrote St. Thomas and he argued for just war theory as the Church argues today.

    • Beaven

      Pedro, that correct opinion is not allowed here.

      • http://irenist.blogspot.com/ Irenist

        Just war theory is dandy. Unjust wars, not so much.

      • Mark Shea

        Funny. I could swear I just read it here. What’s not allowed is rude jerks. I also lean toward booting idiots who say that disagreement is not allowed here (and posing as brave martyrs) while they use my comboxes to say it. Try not to be an idiot, mkay?

        • Beaven

          Mark, your use of “rude jerk” is the ultimate example of projection. lol.

          • Mark Shea

            This is one of the standard way rude jerks request to be banned. Request granted. Bye.

    • http://www.lifemattersjournal.org Aimee

      Pedro, if you look up Life Matters Journal and what the organization stands for, you will find that they stand against *unjust war*; there are so many stipulations about what is necessary for a war or conflict to be considered truly Just — it is not a system of “after-the-fact” justifying military conflicts by saying that “God wills them,” it is a method of checks and balances to ensure that before anyone EVER goes to war, they are doing it with proper motives, and in the most just fashion.

    • jcb

      The phrase “unjust war,” as opposed to simply “war,” is right there on the shirt.

  • Kirt Higdon

    “Politics kills.” Indeed. I can’t wait to get one of these and maybe several. Perhaps they can bring them out in different color patterns. Mark, please let us know when they are available. Of course, capital punishment, abortion and torture, not to mention permanent war, are all promoted by both parties of the duopoly.

    • Kristen inDallas

      Bingo. That would have been my only suggestion as well. Throw a few of the hot phrases (like torture, drones and collateral damage) on both animals.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        You could probably include all of the phrases on both animals. The shirt points out their principal proponents. When libs are in charge, they don’t give one single crap about stopping torture. When cons are in charge, not one single crap is given about stopping abortion.

        I’m fine with leaving it as is.

        • kmk

          I agree– but “abortion” with bolder letters and darker color.

  • http://www.lifemattersjournal.org Aimee

    Just in case anyone wanted to see the original image:

    As a designer, I can say that it was extremely difficult given the very different shapes of the R-elephant and the D-donkey, while trying to make the shirt look balanced and aesthetically pleasing; I tried to get as many issues onto each as possible, while still making it legible for a shirt-size. Abortion, as you can see, is the largest in the donkey, and if I had the opportunity I would have made it the largest on the entire shirt. That being said, it just wasn’t possible to make it so AND to have the shirt still be aesthetically balanced and pleasing to the eye. But if you look closely, the act of abortion is mentioned three different times on the donkey, as “abortion,” “‘choice’”, and “fetal homicide.” I would agree that it is the most important issue of our age — but the point is that it does not stand alone, it is part of the same culture of death.

    • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

      Thanks, Aimee…I thought that perhaps abortion was only the same size as “unjust war”, “capital punishment” etc. was for aesthetic reasons.

    • kmk

      Thanks for the explanation–it makes sense (but it is still depressing to contemplate it all! : ) )
      Blessings to you for your work.


  • David Norris

    I think we should all ask the Cathars how “pro life” medieval Catholics were.

    Oh wait. We can’t. I wonder why?

    • Mark Shea

      Way to bravely face down the crimes of people who died 700 years ago. Quelle courage. Do I get to blame you for what your ancestors did?

    • Joye

      Maybe because they believed in not having children and euthanasia? It’s not good for your long term survival, particularly the kid thing. Seen any Shakers lately?

      Of course maybe our albino monk death squads got to the Shakers too…

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Because all the Cathars, along with all the medieval Catholics, are dead.

  • http://www.lifemattersjournal.org Aimee

    I’m so glad to offer this opportunity to wear clothing that presents in word, but also in the work it funds — all human life and dignity.
    Our first round of t-shirts has finally made it to our webstore! If you have special size orders (anything smaller than an adult S or larger than an adult XL), we will take those on a case-by-case basis, but we have at least some of every size in between of every one of our NEW shirt designs! Take a look!!


  • jimby

    With the exception of torture–sort of–all of the slams (that I can read at least) on the GOP elephant justly belong on the DNC jackass s well, right? But those on the jackass cannot be assigned to the elephant as well, right? So…?

    The moral equivalency schtick (“both parties are equally bad”) is neither true nor fair. But hey, “choose life” feels good, so who cares about accurate and fair judgments?

    I think it is Catholicism intermingled with post-modern barbarism to fail to make any distinctions in the gray twilight of the City of Man. Yes, the City of God is bright and full of love. Yes, the City of Man pales in comparison. But it is our job to discern differences not just between the two Cities (the way this t-shirt does), but also between parties, positions, candidates, etc. within the City of Man itself.

    The t-shirt tries to say you don’t have to choose sides in this world. I don’t think that is correct. I don’t think our great saints who have involved themselves in the travails of citizenship and statesmanship would agree (Joan of Arc, Thomas More, Louis IX, St. Augustine, etc.). Go ahead and wear t-shirts that scorn the parties, but don’t pretend they are equally bad. Doing so is an intellectual cop-out, giving into cool over truth, with a particularly Catholic twist. Trashing all equally, regardless of the facts, is not the road to a more Catholic political climate. It may well be the road away from such.