Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I was writing to see if you would be willing to share a prayer request for my newborn nephew, Matthew. He had a seizure where he turned blue minutes after being born on Sunday, and has had three more since then. He is currently at the hospital and no one seems to know how bad things are, but I’m getting the impression that the doctors don’t think he’s going to survive. Would you mind asking your readers to pray for Matthew’s life and his soul, as well as care for his family and skill for his doctors and care-givers? He has two older toddler siblings, and I don’t think they’re going to understand.

Father, hear our prayer for Matthew’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit, and his preservation from all harm. Give skill, wisdom, knowledge and compassion to his caregivers and grace, peace and strength to all who love him. Be with his siblings and surround them with your guardian angels. Surround the family and Matthew as well. And give grace and peace to my reader in this trial. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them all. We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

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  • Emily

    Matthew and his family are in my prayers. May you find peace of mind of hope through our Lord.

  • Shannon

    Prayers for sweet Matthew and family.

  • Molly

    Praying for you and family Matthew!

  • Sending out a prayer to our Blessed Mother Mary for precious little Matthew and his family.

  • Barbara B.

    Prayers for Matthew and his family.

  • d

    Satan want to attack christians by sexual immorality. This attack is so severe Many christian members are deceived by evil spirits. I want to every attack of sexual attack of satan collapse and I want that every church conquer about this subject and have purity from now on. Thank you very much.

  • d

    A man saw a vision, he wrote a book. In the book, I read satan has 36500 keys in is waist. my prayer request is,if this fact is true,that God make these keys invain, useless from now on. And If satan make these keys again in the future I want to these keys become in vain and useless .And I want that satan cannot use these keys again. And I want to all the results of using these keys become collapse completely, useless and invain. All the bad results by using these keys become recover in a pleasingwill of God. Thank you very much.

  • d

    My prayer request is that if I//.m-f And World.. b.//ank is a s./e//cret antichrist group. God block this group’s activeties and could ont use and earn money and use policies and influece to any bad purpose and I want satan and evil spirit lost all their power and about money from now on. I want to also their identity to be known to people all aroud the world. Thank you very much.