The Original TARDIS:

Much MUCH bigger on the inside than on the outside.

  • deiseach

    I feel vaguely guilty for laughing at that. Thanks, Mark! ;-)

  • Alipius

    Pretty cool!

    (After hitting “Post Comment” there was a note telling me that the comment was a “bit too short”, so I just add this in hope that it passes this time…)

  • Andrew Guidroz II

    Hey! That’s our tabernacle at St. Landry Catholic Church in Opelousas, Louisiana! Cool.

  • Loud

    Lol! I remember tinking of that when i was five, I always thouht it was cool how there was a connection, and wondered if there was some christian at Disney who put that in on purpose. You know what would be cool?if someone compared and contrasted Christ with this Geine, both phenomenal, both contained, both glorified at the end, but there are, obviously, differances between God and this magical myth… know anyone willin gto go over it?

  • Brian Sullivan

    Also, the Original Time Lord.