A Gaggle of Other Patheosi and I…

will be on Sheila Liaugminas’ “A Closer Look” show Relevant Radio at 6 PM Eastern this evening. If you can’t get it on the radio where you are, you can stream it here.

We’ll be talking about this extremely slow news day in Catholic history. I’ll be reminiscing about catching crawdads as a boy. Tom McDonald will tell tales of chicken farming in his familiar Georgia drawl. Elizabeth Scalia (aka, The Anchoress) will be discussing shoes and feelings. Fr. Michael Duffy will have some tips on how to get melted wax out of a biretta. And Kathy Schiffer will offer rice recipe ideas for making Lent deliciously penitential.

If you can think of any other topics to discuss today, let us know. We’ve racked our brains but that’s the best we could come up with on a humdrum day like today.

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  • Alexander Anderson

    I’m going to feel so betrayed I these aren’t the discussion topics I hear.

  • Good luck getting a word in edgewise with that crowd! 😉

  • Dale Price

    Favorite LOLcats?

  • Dale Price

    Favorite LOLcats?

  • Veronica

    “Shoes and feelings” by Elizabeth Scalia? I’m in!!

  • An Aaron, not the Aaron

    Good show, Mark. One of the panelists (Fr. Duffy, I think) mentioned a former priest talking trash about the Church to CNN. It was Alberto Cutie, who, I’m sure you’ll recall, got into trouble for engaging in sexual shenanigans and trying to cover them up. Fr. Duffy didn’t mention why he was on CNN. Can you guess? Yes! He was lamenting those terrible Catholic priests who were engaging in sexual shenanigans and trying to cover them up! It was unbelievable. Absolutely no hint that he caught the irony either. But then he’s never struck me as a guy who spends a whole lot of time on introspection.