Another Aussie Contrarian, and an Atheist to Boot…

on the strange freedom the media feel in just making crap up if it’s useful for bashing the Church. The truth is bad enough. Why lie about it? Unless, of course, you are simply an unscrupulous liar. The problem is, the next time you report on something about the Church, why should I believe you?

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  • Tom R

    Good to see spiked taking a break from relentlessly pushing abortion and Living Marxism. But l don’t think Brendan O’Neill is Australian, despite his Irish-bushranger-ish-sounding name. His columns appear in “The Australian” because Rupert Murdoch’s global empire likes to syndicate its columnists’ writings.

    • Mike

      You mean to tell me there are still people who take marxism seriously? WOW!

  • Dave P.

    And there’s the usual stuff in the combox connected to the article…

  • Maolsheachlann O Ceallaigh

    It’s actually worse than the article makes out– in the Irish media, there has hardly been an acknowledgement of the fact that the report was significantly less damning than expected, or that the Magdalen Sisters film was proved to be a load of baloney. This despite the fact that there have been acres and hours of discussion about it.

    • MarylandBill

      Why does this surprise you? The media is always quick to accuse, but slow to apologize for the damage they may have done. They are probably hoping that if they can keep silent long enough, more evidence will come to light that will vindicate their earlier position… or they will find a new way to attack the Church and people will forget.

  • Marthe Lépine

    On another note: Here’s an atheist who agrees with Mark’s position about “lying for a good cause”. Interesting!

  • Tricia
  • Andy, Bad Person

    It took precisely 3 comments under that article to make Holocaust Denial comparisons, and only 4 to bring up the Inquisition. Not bad.

  • Brian

    No good deed should go unrewarded. God bless Brendan O’Neill.