Dale Ahlquist Once Remarked to Me…

…that future ages will say, “That is the kind of bizarre thing that could only have been said around the time of the turn of the Third Millennium in what was then called the United States.”

I think of his remark from time to time when I run across weird cultural artifacts like this:

FYI: Do Men Really Fall Apart When A Female Soldier Gets Killed?
There’s no scientific evidence to support the conventional wisdom that women wounded in combat would destroy male soldiers’ morale and performance.

Evidence doesn’t support that. “I’ve read slews of stuff and I’ve never heard that one,” Laurence says. “Certainly some men have been raised that you treat women as second class citizens and they need to be protected

Early Third Millennium America: The time period when Advanced Opinion held that a man’s instinctive protection of women in situations of extreme violence was really rooted in misogyny.

Because SCIENCE! I particularly like how the guy says “There is no evidence such men exist” followed by saying, “Certainly such men exist, but they are troglodytes.”

As this female vet points out with perfect common sense, putting women into combat is a dumb idea. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” Caesar says, “Let me try some experiments on my rats.”

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  • The experiment’s been done in all sorts of desperate fights for survival. If you’re looking to run a modern controlled experiment, you’re just a sick person who needs to be kept away from any and all research grants, forever. You just need to read the literature and reshuffle data from older sources into a form that’s more modern. For instance I believe the Israelis tried it during their war of Independence back in the 1940s. I’m not sure whether it was socialist idiot idealism or a desperate need for bodies. It didn’t work very well as I understand it. That’s why they do something different today.

  • I don’t see why there’s a push to “integrate” combat duty in the military, but no corresponding push to “integrate” the NFL. Or the NHL. Or MMA cage fights. Or even the Olympics.

    • Patrick

      Wait for it. I predict we’ll see the normalization of performance-enhancing drugs on the rationale that they PROMOTE competitive ‘fairness’ between the sexes in 5….4….3….2..

  • The best motivation for a man to fight for his country is that he knows he is protecting his wife or girlfriend and his sisters. When they start coming home in body bags, eventually the question will be asked: How exactly would be worse off if we “lost” this war?

    There are three ways a government can maintain power: (1) a moral appeal, (2) bribery, (3) threats. We gave up the moral angle decades ago — it’s too religious for us. We are running an unsustainable debt, so bribery is out. The last one we will lose is the worst: the ability of the government to threaten us. But when the very props of government are the bodies of young women, even the threats are going fast. After that, it will be anarchy until someone new establishes a different order upon us.

    Don’t expect this to be fun.