In the Pages of the New Yorker, This is Like Blaspheming the Holy Spirit


  • Claude

    No, it isn’t. The Obama administration is regularly criticized in the pages of the New Yorker.


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    • Dale Price

      And yet, they still pulled the lever for him (instead of, say, sitting it out). No wonder the President is singularly unchastened by such criticism.

  • Andy

    I think there are many putative liberals who are disturbed, disgusted, very firmly not in the pro-Obama camp, the New Yorker among them. The issue is there is not a person on the foreseeable horizon who is even reasonably ready to be president or who inspires confidence.

  • Dave G.

    I’ve heard and read from quite a few folks on ‘the Left’ who are bothered by this.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I agree with the above. There are plenty of liberals who are against this action.

    Now, will they actually say or do anything about it? Now, let’s not get crazy…

  • Kenneth

    There’s this narrative that Obama is the darling of “liberal”, whoever that is anymore. Where I live, in the Chicago area, there was a near-messianic fervor for the guy leading up to his first election. This past time, everyone I know who voted for him did so holding their noses. If you can find anyone who professes uncritical support of his actions these days, chances are its someone with a White House employee badge. There weren’t exactly a lot of alternatives for anyone who wasn’t a 1 percenter or hardcore social conservative. We sure as hell weren’t going to vote for Romney or the parade of freaks the Tea Party fielded. Gary Johnson was the only other candidate I had any respect for, even though I’m not really a libertarian.

    Why don’t we do anything about this totalitarian power grab? What is there to do, really? Call for an impeachment to be run by the OTHER party that supports dictatorial power? We formed a broad consensus in our society that violence is a tool of first resort, and that good guys don’t need rules. Obama did not plant that rotten crop. We did, and he is just bringing in the harvest of what we sowed.

    • Claude

      Well said. We should keep harassing our Representatives and Senators to enforce some checks and balances on the executive and demand some transparency and judicial oversight. That is their job, after all. Unfortunately the American people support the drone program and politicians do not want to be perceived as putting the nation’s security at risk. They would rather grandstand on c-span about protecting the homeland.

      But we should do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

  • The Next to Last Samurai

    Mark, I just wanted to mention that I have adopted your suggestion of asking God to bless those who anger us. I have concluded that the Lord must love buttheads since He made so many of them.

    And may the Lord bless our elected leaders, whom He loves.

  • Bill

    There are still plenty of Obama cultists around.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Liberals have the same mindset that most conservatives do.

    Liberal: “Yes, I hate torture and drone kills and the unending wars in the Middle East … but I’m sure not going to vote for the Republican who would do all that and more!”

    Conservative: “No, I don’t think the U.S. should be the world’s police force … but hey, my guy occasionally whispers nice things about the pro-life movement, so I’m sure not oging to vote for the other guy!”

    And this is why the world continues to wobble.

    • Claude

      If by “mindset” you mean supporting the option that is more rather than less likely to enact your policy preferences, then yeah.

  • Dale Price

    The polarization of the country will only end when the national government isn’t the most important thing in the world for the contestants.

    The good news (such as it is) is that national bankruptcy will dramatically erode the value of that institution. It will no longer be able to rain goodies on favored constituencies, nor will it have the muscle to reorder the landscape to suit the party in power. It also means considerable misery for millions, but that’s the path the people have chosen.