Understanding the American Left

  • “joe”

    this isn’t the “left” of popular imagination, this is “democrats”, as the graphic itself recognizes. glenn greenwald is one and sufficient coutnerexample.

  • Beccolina

    Flip flop the x’s and checks and it would be modern Republicans.

  • KM

    I think the chart shows how neocons (now dubbed “Obamacons”) are still in control of our foreign and domestic security policy. Maybe the appointment of Chuck Hagel indicates a new direction.

  • dpt

    Living in CA, one would hear a lot about war crimes, BusHitler, John Ashcroft’s jack-booted thugs, etc. during GW’s time.

    Quiet silent these days in the local media, Berkeley, etc.

    • “joe”

      living in NY and on the web, one has heard right from the start that obama = bush’s third term.