And the Left (and Right) Were Mostly Fine with This

Sen Rand Paul yielded the floor after 12+ hours.  What a trooper! This pretty much sums up the argument.  We're just supposed to take Obama at his word, y'all.  Because you know how solid THAT is.

Sure, the Right got on board a bit when it started trending on Twitter and seemed to be becoming A Thing.  But had Paul not filibustered, there would have been few ripples.  Our Ruling Class *likes* the accrual of despotic power and they don’t like or trust you.  For most of them, you are no longer fellow citizens, but lower orders who might, when you get too financially strapped by their predatory oppression, revolt.  This is about preparing for that eventuality.  The US is, for most of our Ruling Class, not a home to be loved and protected, but a resource to be bled dry and then discarded.  These people are not our friends.

  • Dave G.

    Actually, people on both sides got on board with Paul relatively early. My oldest, who follows politics more than I do, heard about it from blog posts almost immediately. And from the beginning, as word got out (and it was tough, because the actual news media didn’t cover it for the longest time), people from both sides began to rally around Paul. In fact, among ‘the right’, those who broke from Paul were the exception. They may not have said anything had Paul not filibustered. But he did, and they rallied behind him. That’s all that needs said, no speculations or anything about motives.