John Farrell is extremely cool and I have wasted my life

Yes.  That is Christopher Lee.  I will now make a vindictive joke at John’s expense in a futile attempt to compensate for my burning sense of complete inadequacy.  Ha!  John is shorter than Christopher Lee… who he is hanging out with and talking to while I am doing nothing with my …. crap.

Seriously: extremely cool, John.  What was the occasion?

  • James H, London

    My first reaction was: he uses a walking stick? Then it dawned, like an approaching mixed metaphor – that’s why Saruman was always sitting in that scene from The Hobbit.

    Christopher Lee was apparently in the Special Operations Executive with Ian Fleming in WWII. It’s not surprising he’s looking old. He’s older than B16!.

    • Glenn

      How cool is it that he was Scaramanga, 007′s adversary in “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

  • Thinkling

    Favorite CL anecdote…when filming the Wormtongue stabbing scene for the extended RotK cut, Peter Jackson was giving him guidance on how to writhe around for drama’s sake. Lee looked down :) at Jackson and said “Petah, have you ever heard the sounds a man makes when he is stabbed in the back? Well I do. I know what to do.”

  • Jason C.

    “I think I shall wear my mustard trousers today.”

  • Bill Kirby

    I believe this is from an interview that you linked to a few years ago, Mark.

  • Sean P. Dailey

    He re-reads LOTR every year. I remember someone telling that anecdote about his advice on what a stabbing sounds like, in the special features for TTT. Apparently he got a lot of shocked looks on set when he said that.