Lovely Remarks from Orthodox Abbot Tryphon

Out in Puget Sound, there lies the lovely Vashon Island, home of Catholic coffin makers, all manner of eccentrics, a bicycle that was eaten by a tree, and some Orthodox monks.  A few years back, John Ratzenberger, who played Cliff Clavin on Cheers and all manner of PIXAR supporting roles visited Vashon and took a shine to the monks.  So he bought them a big piece of property and they set up the monastery there.

That, however, is not important right now.  What’s important is that Abbot Tryphon wrote a lovely welcome for Pope Francis.  Very cool.  *Slow clapping here*.

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  • Mark R

    Good! Be fore the fall of Communism, the abbot’s jurisdiction was very “trad” and mistrusful of the Catholic Church. I am glad things have turned around.

  • TMLutas

    I am getting the feeling that some of the critics of Pope Francis think he is speaking to them when in reality he is speaking to the Orthodox.

    If the rad-trads have any sense of political acumen, they should be praying unceasingly that their natural allies, the Orthodox, regain full communion with Rome.

  • Liam

    Buy their coffee. Hieromonk Tryphon got me started on coffee drinking, and I haven’t looked back.

  • Marcus Daly

    I’ve long hoped and prayed the history books will recount that a marked beginning of the end of the schism seems to be traceable to an obscure little island in Puget Sound!