More Trad Attacks on Pope Francis

Why I loathe Voris and his ilk with the fires of a thousand suns....

Um, actually Bergoglio arranged for Latin Mass to be offered within his diocese within 48 hours of Summorum Pontificum

UPDATE: A friend of mine sent this along and said it was from Michael Voris organization.  It turns out it was from somebody else billing themselves as “Church Militant”.  I am relieved that this is so and I offer my sincere apologies to Mr. Voris for the mixup and ask his forgiveness.  I should have vetted this better.  Mea culpa.

  • Thibaud

    Actually, I have to say that while all the news about Pope Francis concerning his personal holiness (humility, spiritual poverty, life of prayer and devotion to Mary) and his impeccable doctrinal orthodoxy (perfectly orthodox and very courageous statements on faith, moral and social justice) are extremely encouraging and causes for rejoicing, the news about his approach of liturgy are far more disconcerting : he really seems to have severely restricted the liberalisation of the Traditionnal mass on his diocese and his celebration of the ordinary form could scarcely be more anti-Ratzingerian. There is even a video of him participating in an actual “clown mass” (ie a mass with clowns) (for children : which, I have to admit, is both awful and great : as many of you, I sometimes witnessed mediocre liturgy but never an actual clown mass, even though I had heard a lot about it. I had come to believe that the fabled “clown mass” was just a legend, like the Sasquatch but it turns out that at least one “clown mass” actually existed !

    • Angela MC

      those puppet figures did not appear to be dancing around during the Mass but rather were edited in. I never saw them present during real time. It looked more like that was something that took place before or after the Mass and was then edited into the video. It was not real time therefore I have a hard time believing this to be a clown Mass. It seems more like a youth Mass to me.

    • Ursula

      Those weren’t clowns ….they were Biblical characters.

  • Joboww Johnson

    Thank you Mark for the retraction. Much respect for doing so.

  • FW Ken

    Someone who will leave the Catholic Church over the EF should leave the Catholic Church. In fact, they may will already have.

    • Joboww Johnson

      if they are sede they already have, though any new proposal by a pontiff that the EF is not valid and was actually discontinued correctly directly contradicts SP and Benedicts hereminutic of continuity. So they would have valid criticism if such a foolish thing took place. Having the EF and the OF is fine for most of us who are often referred to as trads, great enrichment can occur from the EF to the OF, havent figured out the other way around yet but its possible I guess. But anyways if such a thing did occur as in the 70′s people like the Von Hildabrands continued pressing the Holy see for almost 40 years to get a document like SP published without any violence.

    • Paul Cardin

      Hey, hey, hey… let’s not take veiled swipes at Gerry Matatics, here, people!

  • Janet O’Connor

    The fact of the matter is the new Pope does NOT allow the EF Mass in that Diocese in Argentina. Those that prefer that Mass have no choice but to go to the SSPX Chapels. The only Mass he allowed was a “Hybrid” that eventually dwindled down to zero. Same for the Anglicans who want to come into the Church. He does not think it is needed and has been on record as saying so publicly. So he is not like the last Pope on these issues.

    • Athanasius De Angelus

      You need to humble yourself, Shea. You attacked fellows Catholics like Michael Voris (he’s a good guy) and Lila Rose. And I’m not talking about this post. You are just an ex-protestant clown, STILL in your ex-protestant mode, insulting other Catholics, thus, causing division (you just can’t shake off your stupid protestant mode of division) . Now apologize to Michael Voris with your stupid little comment about him not “knowing much”. You got some nerve, who the heck do you think you are?

      He can do a TV show, but you are so out of shape (fat that is – ah, the sin of gluttony), that you can only do a stupid little blog. Now you got a taste of your own stupid medicine, fatty!

      • Ann fan

        You my friend are a credit to your name. Most neo con ‘experts’ have never read anything written by your great Patron, nor any encyclicals by the truly Great Popes on modernism and the warnings they gave that unfortunately through the sins of man have come too pass. It is obvious that we have to lean on Divine Providence and education to counter this reformation unlike any other. Thanks for the opinion.

      • Culver White

        That was really mean.

        Mark was on to Corapi and now he’s on to Voris. If Voris is such a Trad instead of a $hit Stirer, how come no one has come forward to say what traditional mass location he frequents? Ask Matthew Arnold. He’ll confirm. Voris is more Nervous disOrdo than Cardinal Baloney

        • Athanasius De Angelus

          What are you talking about? Voris gave a list of all the churches that do Latin Mass in the U.S. Go to his website, and check it out.

  • John

    I respect Pope Francis as the Vicar of Christ, and if I disagree with his approach to the liturgy (from the very little I know), I try to do it charitably, recognising that my PREFERENCES differ.
    What we should all pray for is that the Mass is said with dignity. When the Mass is treated like “the source and summit” of Christian life, then do we witness remarkable fruits! It is my belief that the TLM is more conducive to this end, but I prefer to encourage love for the Mass than belittle a particular form of it.

    • oregon catholic

      In terms of ritual, the TLM is more like what the Jewish high priests did in the Temple than what Jesus instituted at the Last Supper AND what the Christians of the apostolic era celebrated in their homes and communal gatherings. It was a meal, a new Passover meal, with the Lamb of God sacrificially sharing Himself with His friends. The simplicity of a reverently offered NO Mass speaks to me in a way that the Latin High Mass does not.

      I have no problem with people who prefer the TLM until they start implying that it’s better than the NO. IMO, denigrating the NO is blasphemy and many in their uber praise of the TLM come dangerously close. There are priests who disrespectfully rush through the TLM, all but ignoring the faithful and priests who make a mockery of the NO with over inclusiveness. No one form has a lock on respect for the Mass

  • Jimmy

    I’m not a radical Traditionalist but Rorate Caeli, if anyone actually cares to see what they’ve been writing on the subject of Summorum Pontificum and Buenos Aires, they have since acknowledged that he did indeed start a Latin Mass but it was it was a poorly done and mishmashed one by a priest who was incompetent. He read the readings in English from a lectern like at the New Mass and did not even use the right readings, rather the modern Lectionary. When people complained and asked him to follow the rules, he ignored them. Therefore, what started out as one hundred people in attendance the first day, dwindled to less than a handful the second day. It wasn’t a concession unfortunately, it was a half a dog bone thrown at Trads in Buenos Aires to pacify them. If only pleasing Traditionalists was that easy, they are serious about what they do and you can’t half-a*** them or they bite back. That’s just how it is.

    • Unanimous Consent

      Hence, it was never actually a 1962 Mass that was offered. It was an admixture, forbidden under Ecclesia Dei, Universae Ecclesia and findings of the CDW after Quattuor Abhinc Annos.

      • chezami

        The difference between a dog and an ungrateful Traditionalist is that a dog doesn’t reward your attempt to feed him by biting you.

        • Unanimous Consent

          Nice, Chezami….. I am no traditionalist. I attend the new Rite, was married in it, and have raised my 8 children in it,.

          All I drew attention to is an actual fact. I have family in that Diocese who are traditionalist.

        • stan zorin

          Why are the Modernists satisfied with the porcine slops ?

  • Unanimous Consent

    H.E. Bergoglio (now our Holy Father Francis) never actually allowed for the celebration of the traditional rite in his diocese. That’s a fact, and the 48 hour idea comes from an article that is counterfactual.

    Actually, H.E. Bergoglio had no say over whether the old Rite would be offered in his diocese once Summorum came into effect. It was left to the Parish Priest. It’s notable that they were all too scared to actually offer it.

    BTW, I have family in his diocese and they cannot find a priest who is willing to offer it.

  • Pollito

    So why is this post called “Michael Voris’ Church Militant Organization immediately attacks Pope Francis”? You just seem to have it in for him. You are so quick to attack any and every traditional Catholic. Does adding Michael’s name to the title of a post bring in a little more pocket change with all those thousands of hits it gets? Relax. Have a beer.

    • chezami

      So yesterday you anoint yourself the sneering judge of Francis as “not the *worst* pope ever* and today you run off after the latest demagogue who tell you to sit in judgment of Holy Church for not measuring up to your discriminating standards. Failure to grasp the concept.

    • Josephine Arkinstall Krokel

      There is another Page on Facebook called ‘Church Militant’ that isn’t Michael Voris, they’re all Traditonals and attack Pope Francis constantly.

  • Sarah Lentz

    Thanks for checking it out. At least when people click on the title link, they can find out that you did your homework and found Mr. Voris to be innocent. God bless you for that.

  • Gordis85

    I read these last night and found them very encouraging…they just confirm the sad reality of people reacting before they have the real truth of why the commision was called in the first place. It also confirmed the fact that many do not bother to read nor to give others the benefit of doubt…instead, discord and division and their continued berating of all things Pope Francis.

    Anyway, here are the articles that shed more light on the investigation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate: