On this Ides of March…

May I just note that I much prefer this method of handling a change of Roman monarchs

to this one:

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    Fun Roman history fact: the title of Pontifex Maximus dates back to the Kings of Rome at its founding in the eighth century B.C., and was later adopted by the head of the College of Pontiffs during the Republic and then by the Emperors before finally passing to the Popes in the late Empire or the early Middle Ages (depending on whose account you prefer). Thus, as chief priest for the people of the city of Rome (Pontifex Maximus), the Pope is not only the episcopal successor of Peter, but the embodiment of an office that rivals the office of Emperor of Japan (which legendarily began around the seventh century B.C.) as one of the oldest surviving human institutions of any kind.

    • Dustin

      The name persists, yes. But it’s a bit like when one corporation buys out another one and transfers the latter’s debt to a holding company and/or renames itself with the old name. The companies known today as Wells Fargo and General Motors are not the same as the old companies of those names. It’s an illusion of longevity and venerability.

    • Dustin

      Nor should we take at face value the Chrysanthemum Throne’s claim. What we can historically verify makes it ancient enough. But plenty of old noble families assert origins stretching back into myth. Few accept it.

  • Joe

    Dark lords should fear the Ides of March, too! : |

    • Mark Shea

      So far, so good.