We Have to Abandon All our Principles and Support the Prolife GOP

Because they care *so* much about us:

“On March 6, the House Republican leadership called an initial floor vote on their version of the continuing resolution (CR) needed to fund the government through the rest of this fiscal year after the current CR expires on March 27. This House leadership CR did not include the language that Archbishop Lori requested. Instead, it permitted full funding of the sterilization-contraception-abortifacient mandate.

By contrast, the Republican leaders’ CR did prohibit the Obama administration from spending money on foreign-made ball bearings.”

“To stamp out world Communism I would be willing to destroy the entire universe, even to the furthest star.”
The prophet Whittaker Chambers
This man showed such promise to the highly discerning Thing that Used to be Conservatism
GOP Announces Formation of Committee to Elect Hillary Clinton
  • http://youmeandlilg.blogspot.com Rakhi

    Sad. And frustrating. Yet a candidate who actually possesses and professes a consistent ethic of life would never be elected by a populous who is in large part more tied to party affiliation than policy issues across the board. If such a person were elected, they’d surely face the threat of being eaten alive, much like Daniel in the lion’s den… Sigh.

    • Kristen inDallas

      Oh I bet they’d have a chance with the populace, but getting through the rigged primaries and electoral college might pose a challenge…

  • John H.

    There is good news in the form of Senator Rand Paul, who is firmly pro life and is working to define that life begins at conception: http://youtu.be/9eMJSKHJH5Y.

    • Mike

      Yes, that is welcoming.

  • kmk

    Just received a survey from the Republican Party Platform folks–I printed out that article and stapled it to the front, circled those paragraphs, and wrote that until they really cared about religious freedom and the right to life, womb to tomb, they were doomed to fail.

    • Kristen inDallas

      Good for you! Unfortunately, they don’t send me surveys. :)

  • Mike

    Can anyone say, losers? The GOP is lost. If it tries to become the alternative left-wing party it will disappear and the right will splinter for a generation handing over all power to the Left.

    If the GOP abandons the poor, working class, the little baby in its mommies belly, the mom and day family and the religious it will die, quickly.

    Look what’s happening to the so-called Conservatives in England? It’s floundering while UKip surges.

    PS Look what happened in Canada after gay “marriage” was imposed by judicial fiat and the ruling Conservatives responded by saying we will respect the courts but will not change our platform on marriage? THEY WON and ARE WINNING! Not note GOP!

    • Mike

      Ok, some editing needed there – typing too fast :).

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    The GOP as an organization does not care about life issues. They care about Big Business, and that’s it.

    Are there individual members of the GOP who do care about life issues and more than corporate profits? Yes. Most assuredly. But I see few of them in Congress or running for President.

  • Paul H

    I would say, and I always have said, that when it comes to politics, we should support pro-life candidates, not a pro-life party (as if there is such a thing). And yes, some politicians who claim to be pro-life are pretty wishy-washy on the issue, and don’t put the issue front and center. But I would (reluctantly) vote for a wishy-washy pro-lifer over a radical pro-abortion candidate, if those are the only two choices (and they often are).

    And as for parties, here’s the thing: While you can find pro-lifers in both major parties at the state and local level (at least in some places anyway), there really is only one party that has any pro-life politicians at the national level.

  • Jason

    Ah…and then there is pelosi and biden receiving communion at the vatican and with great fan fare thumb their nose at all of us who are pro-life. Sad.