What Better Way to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of a Disastrous and Misbegotten War…

…than with cries for more war from the people who never ever learn?

Remember:  The co-sponsor of the NDAA, which gives the Prez the power to murder anybody he likes, anywhere he likes, in secret and without accountability, is a sober and responsible public servant while the guy who forced the Administration to confront its lawlessly despotic arrogation of murderous power is a “wacko bird”:

I fear our government much more than I fear some guys in caves in central Asia.

  • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

    All the Iraqi Christians — those who weren’t killed, anyway — fled to Syria, so let’s go to war there too.

  • meunke

    Wait Sean, don’t you mean “Let’s bring them Democracy!!!” ;-)

  • Joachim

    Col. Tigh is still a Cylon, I see.