The Big Winner of the Gay “Marriage” Struggle

David Brooks, Useful Idiot, prophesies the massive panacaeic benefits that gay “marriage” will confer on the world.  Meanwhile, Ms Gessen openly and frankly says that the goal of gay “marriage” is to destroy marriage and the family because they get in the way of homosex.

Meanwhile, as in every revolt against Catholic teaching since the Reformation, the big winners will not be the revolutionaries.  It will be Caesar.  Caesar was content while the funny little Protestants went on about their theological theories.  They were useful in attacking the Church.  Once their utility ceased, Caesar stopped pretending to care about their funny little theories.  Gay “marriage” and similar cultural fads will one day be discarded too once Caesar’s unvarying goal–the acquisition of all-controlling power–has sufficiently pulverized the family into atomized individuals who cannot band together to resist the State and whose freedom and lives are treated as gifts of the State’s largesse.  When you make “marriage” mean anything, you make it mean nothing.  And when marriage means nothing, the family means nothing.  And when the family means nothing, the state steps in to make it mean whatever arbitrary force and power wills it to mean.

When you make consent the sole criterion of the good and “Do your own thing” the highest conception of the good you are, like a goose running toward the farmer who calls “Dilly! Dilly!  Come and be killed!” playing into a timeless military strategy: “Divide and conquer.”

The big winner in the gay “marriage” struggle will be Caesar.  Because our Ruling Class never forgets that the dynamic is Our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.

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