This could be cool

Please Share This Rare Opportunity!

One well-aimed meteor of the right size and we can all celebrate the last Earth Day.

  • The True Will

    We have to find the Colorado Kid before the Hunter!

  • MarylandBill

    Well there is usually 1 or two meteor showers every month, so this not that big of a deal… I do remember the Leonid storm of 2001 (I think I have the year right). The rate must have exceeded 1000 an hour since no sooner would the trail of one meteor fade than there was another one.

    I would also point out that meteor showers pose essentially zero risk to Earth. They generally are recognized to be the remains of comet tails and therefore composed mostly of dust and pebbles. As far as I know, no really big strike has ever been associated with a meteor shower (the parent comet could one day hit us… but we would know about that well in advance).

  • Jared B.

    And it’s happening immediately before the Lunar eclipse on April 25, which is the Major Rogation Day in the pre-Vatican II calendar…and that eclipse will be most visible over…wait for it…IRAN!! Coincidence??! Well let’s see what Garabandal retro-actively has to say about that, hah! ;-)

  • TheElic95

    Where will this be visible from?