This is how you write copy

Now THAT'S How You Write Copy

Dawn Eden would be proud.

  • Dan F.

    That copy editor wins life.

  • victor

    Ha! So the Queen doesn’t approve, then?

  • Thinkling

    Sad thing that many folks will be too young to get it, Wayne’s World notwithstanding

  • TheodoreSeeber

    I’m just a poor boy, I get no tickets free,
    Because it’s easy come, easy go
    Little fast, little slow
    Anyway the train comes, doesn’t really matter
    to me
    To Me.

  • bear

    Meh. It doesn’t really matter, to me. Nothing does, really.

  • SouthCoast

    For a few seconds, there, I wondered “Why are the Brits writing about Gov. Moonbeam’s pet project?” Oh.