One of the Weirder Aspects of the Abortion Debate in America

…is that it’s the pro-aborts who resort to all sorts of preposterous mystical claptrap to support their position while it is the prolifers who just point to the science. Prolifers say obvious things like “Dude. Does it have 46 human chromosomes (47 if we are talking humans with Down’s Syndrome)? Is it performing functions like metabolism? Then it’s human. Deal with it.” Meanwhile pro-abort mystics go off on fanciful searches for a soul and personhood and all kinds of other ghostly entities undetectable by the sciences. Most hilarious of all, when you point out that this is all mystical claptrap they say, “See! There’s no scientific basis for the prolife position!” You can’t make this stuff up.

Here in the ultraviolet heart of Blue State Washington, on the very campus of Mordor University (aka, the University of Washington) the truly daring and countercultural members of Students for Life will be hosting a freebie talk on abortion from the perspective of an OB/GYN named Dr. John Bruchalski:

Of course, to the pro-abort ideologue no information will be necessary. By the same mystical knowledge which somehow divines when a baby becomes a person and the mystical qualities of soul descend on the mere meat of a fetus, it is also possible for the pro-abortion zealot to know that anything a trained professional OB/GYN says does not count as actual information if he is a) male and b) possessed of a Polish name that likely indicates he is Catholic. It’s that sort of commitment to solid reasoning that makes the pro-abort case so watertight to the blandishments of the thought process. T’will be interesting to see if the Apostles of Tolerance show up to shout him down, threaten people, and throw things, as is so often done in that bastion of reasoned discourse.

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  • Ago texans

    We need more drs like Dr. Bruchalski and more clinics like his :

  • Alexander S Anderson

    Be careful with the 46 chromosome thing. People with Down Syndrome are human too!

    • ivan_the_mad

      No, that extra chromosome makes them superhuman! 🙂

      • Dr. Eric

        I wish I could I +3 that comment.

      • Alexander S Anderson


  • This was never about scientific personhood or soul or whatever. That tack by pro-choicers is an attempt to distract from the fact that achieving full individual potential in an egalitarian capitalistic society requires women to be able to use technical means to divest themselves of any biological imperatives that men do not suffer from. For this abortion is required. This and this only is what abortion is about.

    The whole personhood/soul question only gets asked in order to throw up enough philosophical chaff to keep people from actually voting against what is obviously murder.

    • Alexander S Anderson

      Yes, yes, yes, and yes. The ideology that hates women and their bodies isn’t “conservatism” but the individualist liberal capitalism of our age.

  • Lydia

    Good for Dr. B! I used to be a patient of his back in DC. He is extraordinary.

  • B.E. Ward

    I would be very interested to see if this presentation is met with any sort of protest. I’m a bit surprised we haven’t heard of any kerfuffle in the Times about a complaint to university officials for allowing this event to happen in a school building.